GTA 5 – Mission #75 – The Big Score (Subtle Approach) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #75 – The Big Score (Subtle Approach) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

25 Responses to GTA 5 – Mission #75 – The Big Score (Subtle Approach) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

  1. STOP MAKING me want to play this game again ….. i will lose another two
    weeks of not going out of my room and not sleeping ….

  2. Even though she only makes several minor appearances, I think Paige Harris
    would make a great GTA Protagonist. A female lead in a GTA is long overdue!

  3. Y’know what’s the total past due from RockstarGames and the GTA Franchise?
    Claude from GTA 3, Tommy Vercetti from Vice City, Carl Johnson from San
    Andreas, Niko Bellic from GTA IV and these 3 punks from GTA V IN ONE FUCKIN
    GAME! GTA VI: All Stars. What do you guys say? Wouldn’t that be awesome if
    all protagonist since start come together for one blockbuster game?!?!?
    Somebody needs to propose this idea to RockstarGames. 

  4. My first playthrough I chose what I thought I’d enjoy more for all 4 of the
    heists with choices, Smart for the diamonds, Offshore for merryweather,
    firemen for the FIB, and Obvious for the big score. I somehow managed to
    choose all the wrong ones as the opposite choices were all more fun (The
    only problem I have with smart choice for the diamonds was throwing that
    can of gas in the vent, that was miserable)

  5. For me, obvious approach is easier and gives you substantially more money
    than the subtle approach. Of course subtle is more fun, but it’s not
    satisfying to players that wanna be gold rich. the obvious approach is fun
    and easy, but it at least gives you a bigger amount for every character.

  6. In the beginning of the mission, I preferred starting it when Trevor is
    wearing a dress. and the Bravado Gauntlet driving part I put it on Non-Stop

  7. They don’t have that argument after pulling off the Obvious approach. In
    fact, it goes a lot more smoothly between them on that one for some reason.

  8. This is showing my ignorance but they wouldn’t really be able to push that
    cart of gold right? Realistically it would be too heavy.

  9. Big score cut 26,880,000 (obvious). 16,775,000 (subtle) this is for the 3
    characters Trevor, Michael, and Franklin

  10. does anyone know why im not getting an email from lester for the gauntlets.
    ive been waiting forever and i dont have nothing

  11. did anyone notice in the beginning of the video trevor was wearing claudes
    outfit micheal was wearing tommy vercettis outfit and franklin was wearing
    cjs outfit

  12. i always hated Trevor but now maybe i’ll team up with him. who knows? but
    in my mind he will stay forever an idiot for me :)

  13. I hate the accuracy one its so fucking annoying it’s like that challenge
    from cod extinction wich fucks up everything