GTA 5 – Mission #79 – The Big Score (Obvious) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #79 – The Big Score (Obvious) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

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  1. Best mission in GTA history I just missed the epic police chase from the
    subtle aproach

  2. How to get the largest amount of cash in “The Big Score” (Obvious):
    For gunmen, select Daryl Johns & Norm Richards/Hugh Welsh.
    For the getaway drivers, use Taliana Martinez as the chopper driver, and
    Karim Denz as a train driver, or vice versa, if the latter has previous

  3. Maximum amount for each protagonist only $41M? Fuck that I’m going back to
    San Andreas where I can get almost $120M just by betting on a single horse
    in a matter of minutes :)

  4. Did you see that at the beggining of this walktrough Trevor, Michael and
    Franklin has the clothes of main protagonists of GTA3, VC, and SA games? ;D

  5. Calculating from each of the cut depending which one you choose that’s a
    +10,105,000 and -10,105,000 difference of the obvious and the subtle

  6. The noob tube ? Well its should be easy…
    Well damn right its easy if your using homing rockets.

  7. I used the off-road Mesa as the getaway car (the ones parked outside
    Michael’s when Merryweather attacks the house). It did good.

  8. If you want insanely amount of money the best thing to do is save all the
    money you got from previous heist and side missions (especially Michael’s
    epsilon mission which gives him $2,100,000) and after The Big Score put all
    of you money into the stock market and do Lester’s assassination mission
    that should be enough money to buy the most expensive property(Los Santo’s
    Golf Club) in the game and other things you desires.

    Also if you killed Trevor, his cuts be split between Michael and Franklin.

  9. Since I don’t play this game, can someone tell me why is that important to
    buy the gold club?