GTA 5 – Mission #8 – Friend Request [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

GTA 5 – Mission #8 – Friend Request [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

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  1. Never noticed the headlines at the bottom.

    “Just The Five of Us star overdoses in Vice City Hotel.” That’s just gold.

  2. On the PC this is true if you pay a hooker for sex you can witness it 1st
    person mode INSIDE the car! I fucking salute rockstar you crazy bastards I
    love you all! 😀 

  3. Ha, only now do I realize this mission is Rockstar’s reference to what
    console gamers say about PC (that it’s only used for porn) xD

  4. My god i would just run task manager. or just Click the show desktop icon
    on the bottom right of windows 7

  5. Skippy (a Character made up by Edbassmaster) or the “Hacker” (a character
    also made up by Edbassmaster) really look like Lester !

  6. If you need some extra cash quickly, this mission is perfect for robberies.
    After the part where you leave Lifeinvader, don’t go home just yet. You can
    now rob as many convienent stores and gas stations as you want without
    generating any wanted stars. The only think you have to make sure is not to
    kill any one. You can shoot the second register for a bit more money, but
    don’t kill the clerk. If you do you just need to get away and hid as usual.
    Then continue doing so until you want to stop. Remember you can’t save and,
    if you get your character killed, you have to start all over without all
    that money you stolen.

  7. Who wants to bet that there’s gonna be a Lifeinvader VR headset hat for the
    PS4, Xbox One & PC versions?

  8. There’s a glitch that allows you to clear the popups “faster”. Before you
    get to the table. turn on Mikes special ability and the game thinks the
    time is going by slowly but the game is still in normal time, and thanks to
    the glitch I got 10 seconds on the clock.