GTA 5 Missions: Taking Out The Trash! (GTA V Online)

GTA 5 Missions: Taking Out The Trash! (GTA V Online)

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  1. For those that have disliked this video because you see it as “racist”.
    Racism requires hateful speech, it is in the definition. Because you have
    friendly banter with a friend of yours who is black and also makes the
    exact same jokes as you do, it does not conspire to be racism. If you were
    however to say it to a stranger and say it in a discriminating manner. This
    would be racism. Please understand the difference. Dont be sensitive and
    hopefully you understand, Thank you to those that have (::) <3

  2. JaQuan needs to be in more videos with everyone! he completes the rainbow!
    You guys got all the main races White/European, Irish, Asian, Hispanic, I
    feel someone is 5 percent Cherokee and now add a black guy. lol

  3. Great vid keep it up and I also see loads of other people loved it to and
    also u wasn’t racist u was just joking with a black friend and he wasn’t
    offended so its all cool :)

  4. Mae is so annoying. Sorry for the fanboys/girls but in my opinion she is.

    I’m pretty sure that I’ll get comments who are filled up with hate..but

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