GTA 5 NEW Christmas DLC Weapons “Homing Launcher” & “Proximity Mine”! GTA 5 Festive Surprise Update!

GTA 5 NEW Christmas DLC Weapons “Homing Launcher” & “Proximity Mine”! GTA 5 Festive Surprise Update!

25 Responses to GTA 5 NEW Christmas DLC Weapons “Homing Launcher” & “Proximity Mine”! GTA 5 Festive Surprise Update!

  1. They say there will be presents by your Christmas tree on Christmas day,
    but do you have to buy the special apartment in order to do that?
    And I wish that the new clothing had to be bought and could be kept instead
    of having it free but only being able to wear it for a week. I would love
    to wear some of that stuff for more than a week. And most of us will be
    busy as it is, so there’s that to consider too.

  2. how are the proximity mines different from the stickies? aside from the
    fact that you can only have 5 at a time what does more kick mean? cant
    really see a purpose for those unless they blow up tanks but the new rocket
    laucher i think is awesome

  3. I actually don’t pity last gen at all for being left out, if anything
    current gen is top priority, we actually spent the money on a brand new
    system and have bought the game twice. 

  4. “Ps4 has better hardware” says all ps4 players. Look closely at 1:53 and
    2:08. Cars teleporting away and randomly spawning? Well what a good

  5. Nice vid bro! Hope my channel can be as good as yours one day man. Thanks
    for being here all these years man

  6. that rocket launcher is so overpowered, all the dicks online will just spam
    the airport or anyone in a chopper, its bad enough as it is

  7. Will they go away for ever after Christmas? And if it does and we already
    bought it can we still purchase ammo for it? Someone that knows PLS awnser
    im curious

  8. Now this is the point in GTA were the aircraft become impossible to use,
    such as helicopters and some types of Jets. Reason i say this is because
    they don’t have a anti missle defense function. Meaning they are going to
    get blown out of the sky way too easy now. The mines, they’re a different
    story, they are like the next sticky bomb with it’s advantages and
    disadvantages but when it comes to #GTA5Heist, we’ll be seeing them used in
    a lot of scenarios. Thank you Rockstar for these weapons. They will truly
    change infantry and man to vehicle combat. #WeaponsofGTA5

  9. Where did that axe come from. I haven’t seen that. Homing launcher is
    useless on jets. Even the homing pigeons from worms would be more
    effective. LOL. 

  10. RPG = 2013-2014
    I can’t believe I got to level 100 to get the RPG and now noobs get this

  11. You know I should be careful what I wish for. It’s ironic since last year
    around this time I was hoping it would be in a DLC probably nostalgic of
    San Andreas. So far I’ve used it twice once in both story and campaign and
    it took no effort to kill my target but damn I haven’t had it used on me
    yet but if I could kill that guy without effort then I know I could be next.

    The upside I hope it would be useful in taking down those annoying ass jet
    spammers who some of them suck on the ground. 

  12. Homing launcher is an overpowered piece of shit. it is an “I win” button
    against anything that is not a lazer jet. R* seriously fucked over ALL
    helicopter pilots with this update. This doesn’t level the playing field.
    It tipped the scales completely in the favor of the ground player. All you
    need to do is aim, and 3 seconds later you fucktards get your guaranteed

    Skilled players like me are just going to leave the game and go to the next
    game that ACTUALLY requires other players to have to TRY in order to kill
    you. All you fuckers are going to be left with are the insta-win crowd of
    retards and butthurts that want everything handed to them. A REALLY good
    part of the game died with this update and you don’t even realize it. Thats
    whats fucking hilarious.