GTA 5 NEW Heists Details – Humane Labs Raid Info, New Vehicles, Payouts & MORE! (GTA V Heists)

GTA 5 NEW Heists Details – Humane Labs Raid Info, New Vehicles, Payouts & MORE! (GTA V Heists)

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  2. 3:50 That actually is the hydra, one of them even said that you have to fly
    the hydra to trevors airfield. Anyways you can recognize it from the shape
    of the wings.

  3. 40mm? how there is no video without saying some dumb ignorant shit thats
    why i always dislike your videos

  4. So, $100,000 for three hours work? I made a race that makes me $6000 for 5
    minutes work. Over three hours that could make me $150,000+. Sure it may be
    repetitive but I’ll stick to that, I’m not interested in heists! Plus, what
    happens if one of the players in the group has to leave? or gets kicked?
    the Xbox/PS looses the connection to internet? how hard will it be to find
    interested people at the exact same time wanting to start a heist? and
    after a couple of weeks you’ll get people saying “nah, I’ve done that heist
    a few times, I’m not willing to play that one with you”?

  5. 40mm minigun? I love your videos, but your lack of knowledge of guns makes
    you look like a jackass sometimes. It’s a damn 50 cal.

  6. What happened with the mi-24 hunter like helicopter? Never heard or seen it
    since the original heists trailer.

  7. why didn’t you mention that the hydra and other new vehicles will be in gta
    online freemode?

  8. “APC-Tank…40mm minigun” seriously, would it kill you to do a couple
    minutes worth of research before talking about that stuff in a video?! 

  9. Is anyone else thinking the same as me, once a heist has been completed you
    won’t want to replay it as it would be repetitive and boring? 

  10. Not gonna start a console war… But the screen shot of the heist lobby was
    on PS4 :3 #srrynotsrry

  11. Need crew members for heist!
    Join SentinelTaskF0rce
    Add TheEliteReconZ
    I don’t add, I accept…
    Must have Mic so we can easily… communicate and so I can record your
    voice for the upcoming funny moments video at my channel… :)

  12. the lazer tail SAYS p226… that jet doesnt say it. so you’re retarded. do
    some research and actually play the fuckin game before you vomit nonsense
    on the internet.

  13. Guys chill out. Who cares if he made a mistake about guns? Hes not a
    military expert. Cut him some slack. The funniest thing is that only
    probably 1 of you guys knew that 40mm was incorrect and the rest of you
    idiots are just commenting to start drama. Just chill the fuck out guys and
    enjoy the content. If you dont enjoy them and they make you complain this
    much, then just dont watch his videos anymore.

  14. Once again Ross is trying to sound like he knows what he is talking about.
    -The HVY Insurgent he first was talking about he said it was not armoured
    -Its not a 40mm minigun it is most likely a browning .50cal
    -The dingy 4 seat version is already in game.
    -Not a Huey

  15. What im worried about is the fact the servers are always glitched out, you
    start the heist mission then it will say everyone left or “unknown network
    error return the GTA V” 

  16. If you want to do Heists with me, add me on PS3. I am rank 125, I have **all
    stats maxed** (flying,driving,shooting,stealth,stamina), and I’m skilled at
    doing missions, etc…

    My PS3 username ID if you like to add me: aaryan888