GTA 5 Next Gen – SECRET Message, SUPER Heavy Armour + Yachts! (GTA 5 Secrets)

GTA 5 Next Gen – SECRET Message, SUPER Heavy Armour + Yachts! (GTA 5 Secrets)

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  1. GTA 5 Next Gen – SECRET Hidden Message, SUPER Heavy Armour + Yachts! (GTA 5

    GTA 5 Next Gen – SECRET Hidden Message, SUPER Heavy Armour + Yachts! (GTA 5

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  3. The yatch is the one from story mode that mission when michael is going to
    save his daugther.. But its a good teory.. Greetings from norway!

  4. The yacht is maybe from the Mission daddy’s little girl but i hope we can
    buy a yacht and use it as a boat and a house in next gen. Great video

  5. A yacht would be pretty cool to have online, with a bunch of people on
    board protecting a bounty, that would be sick.
    I hope they go all the way with this though, if they don’t include the
    yacht then that would suck.

  6. They have a yacht in one of Michael’s missions when he goes on a bike ride
    with Jimmy and saves Tracy, so jumping to conclusions saying they will have
    it, its just there because of the mission. 

  7. I’m pretty sure the yacht was from the mission where Michael jumps of the
    pier and goes to the yacht where his daughter is about to make a porno

  8. A “yacht DLC”. That sounds so fucking stupid. It’s an addition to the Next
    Gen and PC versions of the game.

    The yacht is also is one of the missions in the campaign (I forget the name
    of it).

  9. Next gen Wishlist :

    Air/Land/Sea Vehicles
    -2015 Camaro ss
    -Storable crusader
    -Buyable dingy
    -New annihilator that has no guns and the back doors close like the swift

    Ammunation :
    -Scar (Military Carbine)
    -Heavy MG
    -Remington 700 (Medium Rifle)
    -MP7A1 (Compact PDW)
    -SMAW (lock on to aircraft)
    -Smoke grenades (red/white)
    -Mercenary License (allows you to kill other players without getting cops
    for 7 ingame days)

    Wearable items
    -Merryweather tactical vests
    -Berets (Like the one worn by the military/Special Forces)
    -Better Clothing customization:
    Step 1.Choose clothing type (t-shirt)
    Step 2.Choose Base Colour (red)
    Step 3.Choose Design (Canada Flag)
    -Customizable parachutes
    Step 1.Choose Parachute bag primary colour (Black)
    Step 2.Choose parachute bag secondary colour (Red)
    Step 3.Choose parachute bag design (Country symbol/Crew emblem)
    Step 4.Choose parachute canopy primary colour (Black)
    Step 5.Choose parachute canopy secondary colour (Grey)
    Step 6.Choose parachute canopy colour scheme (Ways the colours are
    Step 7.Choose Parachute canopy crew emblem
    -More body armour designs
    -Ability to call Merryweather For an APC pickup ($1000 for a pickup in a
    fully armored APC that arrives faster than a car)
    -Ability to call Merryweather for juggernaut armour ($10000 for a titan to
    drop a supply crate with juggernaut armour in it)
    -Ammo Drop ability is re-done to now become a supply drop that you choose
    what weapons and how much ammo/armour it contains{everything added changes
    the price})
    -Ability to exit apartment through the roof
    -When calling in an airstrike the flare can be thrown farther
    -10 new Martin missions
    -10 new Lester missions
    -10 new Gerald missions
    -10 new Simeon missions
    -10 new Lamar missions
    -Fighter jets get completly changed:
    Cannon rounds become non explosive but get longer range
    Rockets get a damage,range, and blast radius buff
    rockets now lock on to aircraft and armored ground vehicles (tank/apc)

    Falcons suit off of Captain America. 5 mil.
    * Single player mode – super powers
    * Natual Disasters
    * online wildlife
    * The Indi 500 looking Flip cart on Fast 6
    * coats, trench coats, gloves, army grade clothing
    * hover crafts
    * a zombie mode
    * EMP Grenade
    * WW2 Dog fighters ( planes )
    * purchasable Collectors edition items
    * Muscle car mods
    * Wheelie ability
    * crew rims
    * Casino
    * More places to rob
    * bullet proof windows
    * Body Armor not a vest but actual armor
    * Sledge Hammer
    * The jet can fit two people
    * the fighter jet can drop actual bombs
    * fighter jet two person sequence, ( one flys.. one can shoot )
    * bigger boats
    * yachts
    * thermal sniper scope
    * Actual Subs
    * current sub fits two people
    * more sports
    * more cars
    * more garages
    * cooler upgrades
    * ground to air missle lock
    * tank sits two
    * tank ( driver fires cannon, passenger fires machine gun )
    * new tanks
    * Cycle-able tank rounds
    * New Army grade Vehicles
    * jobs for when offline. Better the job better the pay. Skills go toward
    job description and pay
    * extra head lights work
    * Pegasus upgrade-able
    * new colors – like a color wheel. Gives vehicles a more unique user twist
    * cobletrops for cars
    * new kinds of trains and transport

    I would like to see a career ranking system. For instance you can perform
    certain jobs in free roam that raise a specific career rank that the player
    has chosen.

    Trucker- If you decide to be a trucker then you can deliver goods across
    San Andreas. After reaching a certain rank you will receive discounted
    purchases at LSC

    Cop- Like in the ps2 versions you can be a vigilante and as the rank rises
    so does the ease of losing cops.

    EMS- taking patients to the hospital your health will regenerate quicker.

    That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Players would only be able
    to chose one career with the ability to switch at any given point.

    Denim and leather vests
    Torn/ dirty jeans
    Wallet chains for jeans
    More half helmets and brain buckets
    Combat/ riding boots
    Flannel shirts
    Closed hoodies and track jackets
    Gloves (fingerless and armored knuckles
    Loose fitting denim/ leather jackets
    Riding goggles
    Baseball/ trucker hats (not those sh*te snapbacks)
    Bandana masks
    Folded bandanas
    And ffs patches for vests under accessories
    All I can think of for clothing now

    Sawed off double barrel with wood finish
    .44 Revolver or .38 special
    Lock attached to a bandana
    Large utility flashlight
    Pistol holster (I know not a weapon but still)
    Dragonuv sniper rifle
    Small hatchet
    Melee weapons usable on bikes
    Molotov cocktails being made at gas stations as long as you have pisswasser
    in your inventory
    Hammer for everyone to use
    Ice pick/ screw driver
    Pipe bombs
    Brass knuckles
    Okay so there’s these things pmc’s use to pop tires instead of spike strips
    they just toss in the road about the size of marbles and they pop tired
    those would be cool to just toss off a bike
    Wooden baseball bar with nails/ barbed wire

    Now I don’t know any in game ones from name but I’d like to see some old
    Indians and the new ones they are making
    Some dynas
    Harley’s like a soft tail heritage or deluxe
    Wide glides
    Ultra glides
    Oh and some sick cruisers would be sweet

    Tattoos/ hair and beards
    Long hair either tied back into a pony tail or left alone. Not just
    straight but curly too
    A legit Mohawk not the sh*te one we have now
    Big long beards (straight and curly)
    Better looking mustaches like a full handlebar
    Mutton chops and half chops
    For tatoos I’d like a back tatoo for the emblem
    Also some half naked chicks and hula dancers

    Drug dealing to other players and NPC’s this could be done with the same
    system used in Chinatown wars where you buy from dealers and then sell to
    others. To sell to players you send them an invitation to buy from the
    quick action menu then they have the option to buy at a price you set or
    rob you. When you get enough money you could possibly buy a grow house but
    beware people can possibly pick the lock if they follow you to the location
    or it can be raided by police.

  10. I want the yaught of pegasis for roming the sea because all the boats in
    gta v are shit (as commercial)

  11. Existing players for CONSOLE, I hate it when people exclude PC’s. I don’t
    press the like button on your videos just for this reason.

    Include PC’s as they’re the most popular thing out there not just consoles.

    It’s annoying.