GTA 5 Online – 2 New Weapons For Update 1.16 – Update 1.16 News

GTA 5 Online – 2 New Weapons For Update 1.16 – Update 1.16 News

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – 2 New Weapons For Update 1.16 – Update 1.16 News

  1. DLC Weapons I want: 44. Magnum, SPAS 12, Any semi-auto sniper, and a
    JAVELIN and or Stinger missile to shoot down aircraft

  2. Let’s make another 5 minute video of me talking about unproven shit for the
    4th time today And use the same gameplay footage.
    So done with your videos unsubscribing.

  3. I think that a under barrel grenade launcher for the assault rifles would
    be cool or a flamethrower or a bayonet 

  4. scar-h bcuz scar-L doesn’t have a straight magazine and the scar-L has a
    longer barrel …there are much more differences but you can only tell by
    the one i mentioned in appearance.

  5. We need wingsuits.
    Wingsuits would make everyone. Happy.
    Case closed, Rockstar…. You think about it… No.. You DO IT :’c

  6. Dude that is no new gun in 1.16 update.. It just have clothe and two cars
    and new one helicopter and two planes that it…

  7. M16A3 (because the M16A4 is three round burst) The KRISS Super V (Vector as
    most people call it even know it’s called the KRISS super V because the V
    shaped bolt that is revolutionary in that the bullets recoil goes into the
    shoulder creating an upwards force and the v shaped bolt makes a downward
    force so that you can keep the .45 caliber round that’s hard to control on
    target) also actual military clothing and finally an M24 sniper rifle just
    so we have more than two

  8. just because people want anti air weapons in gta doesn’t make it call of
    duty, players are defenseless to jets and helis think anti tank weapons
    should be included too and for normal weapons..i’d like to see the P90 or
    ump 45, the Glock from gta 4, 44 magnum some melee weapons such as machete,
    chainsaw and kantana 

  9. i really want the dukes. from Grandtheft auto 4, back… the 1969 charger
    style car.
    i think if they released that, i could give a crap about heists … IMO…

  10. It is the scrar h, the magazine well is straight. On the L version it is at
    a slight angle

  11. They need to add a glock its the most common pistol used and they dont have
    it in the game .. But they have it in gta 4

  12. I won’t them to bring back the fireworks and firework launcher and if they
    can let us get the collectors edition 4 people who have not got it for the