GTA 5 Online: 3 Secret Locations & Spots (GTA 5 Hidden Places)

GTA 5 Online: 3 Secret Locations & Spots (GTA 5 Hidden Places)

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  1. Back with some Hidden Places and Locations! #GTA 5 Spots, #GTA5 Secret
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  2. I’m pretty sure you can smash through the glass that you go thorough in
    story online the iaa building I think

  3. I got a neat one. There’s a abandoned trailer next to the Ammu-nation in
    Sandy Shores. Some of the windows will allow you to climb in. There’s a
    window with a blue tarp that will allow you to go in. Not much detail
    besides some garbage and junk around the place.

  4. you wanna have fun with your friends before the patch? I made a video on my
    friend’s channel to sit in the back of the Titan, we found this so please,
    don’t copy us, of course we have 0 subs. If you wanna check it out, just
    ask me and i’ll send you the link (you’re concerned Nought 😉 )

  5. Maude Eccles (Bounty Hunter) is the infinity eight killer ,last time i
    played she was sitting near a garbage can that had a red eight on it . hey
    NoughtPointFourLIVE please look into it

  6. At the third secret location the American flag is on the wall but it only
    has 11 stripes not 13. (13 for the thirteen colonies).

  7. Can you stop putting singleplayer gameplay and spoil everything for pc and
    next gen users? :D

  8. There’s a silver shiny caravan trailer at the filming studios at the
    entrance ad a few others

  9. On the docks there is a MASSIVE boat house this isn’t the merywether bout
    house this is Iconic because no one on my friends list know where it was
    there’s a billboard on top of it I hope you put this in your next video
    thanks 😀 

  10. Nought the ammunition near the custom shop at the right of the city there
    is a sign that has an army star and zancodo on it on a door

  11. +NoughtPointFourLIVE That third one could possibly be where that alien
    party is held that you spoke about a few episodes ago?

  12. The fire hall by the death match “hospital” it’s very detailed. Just a
    little cool bunker or place to survive the cops for a while

  13. On the last location i didn’t know about it until my friend showed me and
    at the time i only had 1 car and no garages and i thought that if people
    blew it up you couldn’t get it back and these guys kept trying to blow it
    up so i went there and parked it in the garage thing haha