GTA 5 Online – 30 PLAYER CAR SHOWCASE! (Imponte Dukes) [GTA V Next Gen]

GTA 5 Online – 30 PLAYER CAR SHOWCASE! (Imponte Dukes) [GTA V Next Gen]

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – 30 PLAYER CAR SHOWCASE! (Imponte Dukes) [GTA V Next Gen]

  1. Why cant i get this car?? I transferred my character from 360 to ps4 and i
    dont have any of the new cars! Help please

  2. Come on bro, you’re such an idiot, the Orange dukes with a flag on top
    represents General Lee’s Charger!

  3. Well looks like I’m buying another 10 car garage and buying a few of these
    dukes to customise…

  4. Cool video, but your voice wouldn’t sound so muffled if you would take the
    penis outta your mouth! 

  5. Pleatopian’s car looks like the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. The
    only thing that would make it look even more like the General Lee, is if he
    changed the secondary color to chrome or stock.

  6. Busted ass cars (C’mon 10 year olds, learn to drive in a video game you
    stupid fucks), ricey, disgusting and just plain fucking ugly ass cars,
    fucking moron of a commentator. What’s not to dislike and leave before the
    2 minute mark. Saintsfan, you are the biggsest fucking moron on all of
    youtube! You really need to stop any type of video with car customization
    in it so that even stupid people, like those in this video, don’t think
    they’re little geniuses. Learn a thing or two about REAL LIFE you stupid
    motherfucker or at least watch some car-based movies. FUCKKK YOU’RE A

  7. Yo saintsfan, let me give you the lowdown dude because I fucking hate white
    walls on muscle cars. Some sport wheels, some high end wheels, and almost
    all muscle car wheels suit the muscle cars. However, you do not put off
    road or low rider wheels on muscle cars unless a) you are trying to make it
    look like a mad max car in which some off road wheels would look great b)
    it is an older muscle car, typically pre-1960’s or pre-late 1960’s in which
    you want to make your car have more of a classy polished look and less of
    the testosterone injected muscle car look in which case lowriders with
    white walls would probably work well.