GTA 5 Online – 4 NEW WEAPONS! New Knife Melee Weapon & Assault Rifles w/ Attachments! (GTA 5 DLC)

GTA 5 Online – 4 NEW WEAPONS! New Knife Melee Weapon & Assault Rifles w/ Attachments! (GTA 5 DLC)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – 4 NEW WEAPONS! New Knife Melee Weapon & Assault Rifles w/ Attachments! (GTA 5 DLC)

  1. Bulletproof glass as an upgrade to stop the damn auto aim kills would be

  2. I want bows, surf boards, kayaks, spitfires, scuba gear, ghoul lie suit/
    hunting gear.

  3. The ump45 would be great, snipers, mp7,the fal assault rifle, mines, lock
    on launchers (lock on tanks n flyin veicles only), and swords would make
    the game better, off course clothes that peopla would actually wear, and
    nice cars to top it off, cause the game is shit rite now, n they keep makin
    it worse every time

  4. The knife is called a trench knife and there is no such thing as a
    “silencer” it’s a suppressor it suppresses the sound not silencing it you
    can still hear the sound 

  5. What i’m waiting for:
    2: Ski masks, bandana’s
    3: Extra shotgun/heavy, stop adding pistols and SMG/MG’s that nobody uses
    4: A Revolver…. There hasn’t been a revolver in GTA since Vice City…
    5: More other types of clothing, like jersey’s, jackets, etc. instead of 40
    t-shirts with just different brands.

  6. I’m ecstatic to see the SCAR in the bunch (my favorite gun, as seen in my
    photo) the rest look really good but seriously… Anti tank, for the love
    of god put that in there. 75% of my deaths have been from those damn
    things. I’ve shot nearly 6 jet missiles and kamakazied into the tank and it
    still wouldn’t go down.

  7. I wish Rockstar would stop adding pistols, and add better, unique weapons.
    I know weapons like the flamethrower and the chainsaw would be unorthodox
    but it would be fun. Brass knuckles, katana/machete, or unique weapons like
    the Gusenberg sweeper would be cool. I would like the molotov cocktails to
    be more easily obtained and the stun gun available online. Other than that
    I REALLY want reinforced windshields for cars and I think passengers should
    be able to use more weapons than the passenger like the SMG,, Assault SMG,
    Assault Rifle, etc, etc.

  8. they should have something like the plasma pistol for tanks Cuz they’re
    fucking annoying 

  9. And maybe for a anti tank the Titan (c-130) could have a tank cannon with
    longer range on it

  10. Is anyone having the same problem as I am with MMI. My car got destroyed
    and I called up MMI. They always respond with all operators are busy or
    something like that.

  11. I fucking hate your titles for your videos, so misleading. I saw 4 NEW
    WEAPONS, then I get potential weapons in a future update from some dude
    that hacked a texture file. What a cock tease.

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  13. I think rockstar forgot about the single player campaign. I mean there
    hasn’t been an actual tlad or tbogt style dlc yet. But what do I care? My
    xbox broke my gta 5.

  14. things to add to gta 5:
    -double barrel shotgun
    -anti tank/anti air lock on bazooka (javelin)
    -vtol warship (like in gta 4)
    -tank with more seats (everybody wants to have a friend on the machine gun
    on top
    these things would be awesome