GTA 5 Online – 5 Requirements To Play Online Heists! (GTA 5 Online Heist DLC)

GTA 5 Online – 5 Requirements To Play Online Heists! (GTA 5 Online Heist DLC)

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  1. but the matchmaking and the online servers for gta atm are fucked!
    always getting disconnected to unknown errors etc, so how can we play for
    hours if serves cut out too quick?
    rockstar need to sort the servers out before heist or when it’s updated.
    Rockstar also said in the heist update they are going to fix the turbo
    glitch where everyones cars can only go to like 120-130mph instead of like
    210mph , are they still promising this?

  2. Says you can’t wait for the DLC, but you made a video criticizing Heists.
    Also this will be delayed, I can guarantee 

  3. *Me*
    *Level 526*
    *456 Friends*

  4. My stats:

    Level 178
    3 High end apartments
    30 cars
    I have a lot of time too..


    I would be perfect heist leader lol but I already have a crew to do it with

  5. i don’t get this bit though, firstly, if everyone in the heist mission has
    a high end apartment, who gets to choose to be the leader? and who gets to
    choose the other roles? first come first serve?

  6. Wait if you do 1 heist do you have to do all the others like a playlist
    because that’s how he is making it sound and if so that is the most
    retarded shit ever 

  7. why the fuck do i see ppl saying they have 39,000,000 that even cant be
    true even with missions and sharkcards i bet they all are just sayin random
    numbers i have 6,200,000 legit i play missions ,well not only me ,my
    friends too has 8,400,000 ,my friend told me he has 2M by money glitchs and
    by selling unused cars in his garage too . btw i am rank 369 and my friend
    341 on last gen ,and sorry we already have a crew .

  8. My Stats:

    •Rank 142.

    •$15 Million.

    •A year’s worth of GTA 5 knowledge.

    I have a friend that will be able to do heists with me but I need 2
    more people possibly.

  9. Hey Chaotic, you should buy a pop filter for your microphone. It will
    improve the overall quality of your voice recordings and it’s not

  10. If anyone wants to start a heist team with me
    platform = xbox one
    GT = InnerFeline159
    rank = 25
    cash = 53358
    mic = yes
    age = 13
    appartment = high end (second most expensive one)
    now please take note that i will be grinding money for the next few days
    (rooftop rumble it is)

  11. I plan on getting gta 5 for the ps4 in a month, but till then I will play
    the heist missions on the ps3 till then.