GTA 5 Online – 9 Official Secret Achievements & Heist Unlocks! (GTA 5 Online Heist DLC)

GTA 5 Online – 9 Official Secret Achievements & Heist Unlocks! (GTA 5 Online Heist DLC)

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  1. I’m guessing all of the heists pay out a lot if they expect us to spend 8
    million since 8 million is worth £65.

  2. Nought you are an amazing youtuber and I’m so glad I have a youtuber that
    has amazing content and dependable sources thankyou for doing what you do

  3. Nought will we get the boiler suit like in story mode and also like in
    story will we be able to ware them when ever we want 

  4. If I was doing the heist as the leader then, for Humane labs I’d probably
    set it at 180-200k for myself just to cover the costs by a bit, which would
    leave the other three with a little over 110k each. Now that’s not too bad,
    and with all the secret achievements and challenges you could end up making
    more. Sure different heists will have different payouts too, maybe more
    then 540k for the bank ones. I still like the 100k payout for the three
    members though, and anyways to me Heists was always about the experience
    itself. If its anything like that IGN guy was talking about, these heists
    will be some if the funnest and most replayable missions we’ve ever played
    on GTA Online. So to me its worth it either way. Money was never the
    biggest deal or the main selling point.

  5. Hello everybody!

    I’m looking for 2 more players to do heists with. I’m on ps3 and i am level
    326 legit
    If you would like to do heists with me and go for that glorious 10,000,000$
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    Also leave me your stats
    For example: level 150

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  6. I have more money then I know what to do with (thanks to grinding missions)
    so I’ll be that good guy who gives out an even 25% for each player to get
    the achievement. Every time after that, I’ll give myself the lowest percent
    possible, and let everyone else have the money. Because I’m nice.

  7. Hey guys i have no one to play heists with so if you want to play with me
    or me to play with you
    feel free to add me on

    ps4 :the_Snick_SA

    i also have a high end apartment
    i can invite you if you want 

  8. I normally hate these types of videos but maybe it is your voice lol…easy
    listening…cheers m8.

  9. I’m going to be leader and set every member at 25% cut cuz I ain’t no cunt!

  10. I live in New Zealand and we are a day ahead of most countries so does that
    mean we’ll be getting heists on the 11th as that would be the 10th in most
    parts of the world

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  12. Hey guys, do you all need to be in the same crew to take part in a heist or
    can you join random people and complete a heist with them?

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