GTA 5 Online – Army DLC, 9 New Face Paints & More! [GTA V]

GTA 5 Online – Army DLC, 9 New Face Paints & More! [GTA V]

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy and dont forget my Money guide is coming later today so
    make sure you dont miss it :)

  2. I bet this update will have 50000 dollar face paints and 100000 dollar
    outfits. Thanks cockstar

  3. Please don’t make anymore of these videos. A lot of the ‘leaked info’ is
    mostly false, and as you said all leaked info does is overhype things

  4. Military DLC (patch 1.17 wishlist):

    1.The 6 leaked weapons (DMR,grenade launcher,flare gun,thermite bomb,SCAR-H
    and MG)

    2.Military vehicles (APC’s,Hydra,Hunter,ATV’s with machine guns on them for
    quick team transport)

    3.New military clothing,camouflage,camouflage face paints,ghillie
    suits,ability to put more camo’s on weapons,the ability to turn non-lethal
    vehicles into military enhanced vehicles.

    4.The ability to sell pegasus vehicles,the ability to customize non-lethal
    pegasus vehicles into military enhanced pegasus vehicles (titan into
    AC-130),more useful apps in the iFruit (bomber,AC-130,APC request)

    5.The ability to open the back of the titan and the cargobob without
    glitches,the ability to use the train,the ability to hold dual-wielded
    handguns (with the exception of the desert eagle)

    6.Increased job payouts by 25%,new military missions,new gamemodes (search
    and destroy,survival),new lobie filters (free aim lobbies,survival free aim
    lobbies etc.)

    7.A massive ban list for all the glitchers,hackers,modders and a big patch
    list including almost all of the glitches and of course including the new
    ‘annoying’ quick snapmatic feature.

  5. Stop making these vids, because its always “Its says hydra so it will most
    definitely be in the next update.Goodbye” And there’s no proof because its
    so easy to just type hydra_jet_1200000_$$$*flightshool* <this is proof 110%
    legit sponsored by doritos and mountain dew.

  6. Did you guys consider next week for the dlc? It would fit because memorial
    day is next week and that honors fallen soldiers. Also it would make more
    sense than veterans day because why wait so ling for the hydra? Not to
    mention the clothes they teased us with in the trailer. They are clearly
    ready to be put into the games. Maybe rockstar wanted to do two dlcs this
    month by splitting a big one into two smaller ones to honor both holidays.
    That is what i think anyway. November may be the release of a different
    dlc. Or maybe next gen. Maybe it is a different military dlc with old
    school army weapons and clothes which i think would be cool. Thats just
    what i think or hope for anyway. I hope you read this saintsfan and
    consider it. Maybe even make a video about it. Oh keep making dlc leak
    videos too. Great videos and keep up with the great work.

  7. Future DLC wishlist:

    1. More customization to characters:
    Muscles,Bodyfat%,height,genetics and titsize for woman. More hair styles.
    Beeing able to change characters appearance at the hospital.

    2. More customizable options for cars that are comming and that we already
    have even if its just carbon parts. Customize car interior. More rims.more
    colors.neon.colored headlights.(maybe even weapons and nitrous)

    3. Passive mode fix. A passive mode like a non-contact race. Others are a
    but transparent and we can use weapons but we shoot through them. Same for
    them and when we get into vehicles the vehicle is transparent (they still
    can get in and then it turns normal for them)

    4.Stripper fix: either more clubs or have it like in singleplayer where we
    have all strippers. Bering able to take them to their home and to yours.
    Show the tits like in singleplayer. (Maybe you should be able to date them
    and after like 10 times fucking they get youre girlfriend)

    5. Mansions. Houses are added but I mean high end ones with min. 10 car
    garage maybe even 15 or 20 and new interiors for them.

    6.Beeing able to sell and customize Pegasus vehicles.

    7. Weapons that we hold with one hand can be used as akimbo weapons ( 2 at
    one time)

    8. Beeing able to turn cops on and off when we create invite only sessions.

    9. New stuff to get more money!

    10. More physiques: tits move up and down, long hair moves ( adding long
    hair for woman), clothing like capes would be awesome or just things like
    the independence clothes move at the back

    If you like the ideas then tell it in the comments aswell comment what you
    didnt like. Or post even you’re own ideas.
    (Some things are maybe just possible with next gen like point 10)

  8. please keep making these videos. they give me temporary hope when rockstar
    disappoints me. love your vis. 

  9. There may be a September 11th dlc and it could have a jumbo jet, suicide
    vests and maybe even a white Karin rebel with a machine gun in the back
    like terrorists have. It can be called the “We never forget” DLC

  10. why are they making all these dlc all i want is a car customization dlc
    they made a flight school dlc why cant they make a car dlc? 

  11. +Dat Saintsfan stop making vids with misleading titles , they should say
    speculation on them , i watched this vid for the wrong reason . but of
    course you know that , you just did that purposefully to get people to
    watch ur shit vids about talking about DLC and what you hope to have in

  12. Uuuuuggggghhhhh…. A fucking Army DLC. A fucking hipster DLC, a fucking
    flight school DLC and now a fucking Army DLC. This shit when there is a
    HUGE community of MCs in GTA Online that have been begging Rockstar, making
    petitions, hundreds of snapmatic photos begging for an MC DLC, organized
    meets that are getting clubs together to beg for an MC DLC… And we get
    fucking mustache tattoos, flight suits, and some face paint. Seriously,

  13. to rock star only I think you should make the outfit’s like military
    clothes lower the price for them like 1,000 or 2,000 not 50,000 dollar’s