GTA 5 Online – Best Cars on GTA 5 Online! – Best Find-able & Store-able Cars (GTA 5 Best Cars)

GTA 5 Online – Best Cars on GTA 5 Online! – Best Find-able & Store-able Cars (GTA 5 Best Cars)

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  1. Wishlist:


    Toyota Supra
    Nissan Skyline R34
    Nissan Skyline R32
    Datsun 240Z
    Mazda MX5 Miata
    Honda NSX
    Mazda RX7
    Nissan Silvia
    Nissan 370Z
    Luxus LFA
    McLaren P1
    BMW X6
    BMW i8
    Porsche Cayenne
    Ford Mustang classic
    Chevrolet Camaro
    Ferrari Stradalle
    AC Cobra
    VW Golf VI
    VW Käfer

    Tuning: (LS Custom)

    Felgenfarbe Chrom
    Kugelsichere Scheiben
    Vinyls (Sticker)



    Die Möglichkeit haben so viele Apartments zu besitzen wie man möchte (R*
    würde dadurch auch nur profitieren, denn je mehr Garagen man hat,desto mehr
    Autos will man haben und dann werden einige auch Sharkcards holen.)

    Möbel kaufen

    Yacht als Apartment nutzen
    Garagen mit Freunden/Crew-Mitgliedern teilen

    Hunter Militärhelikopter


    Boeing 747 (online)
    Cargoplane (online)

    GodMode 1min ($5000)

    neue betretbare Orte:
    Burger Shot
    Zug-Diner (Carney’s)
    Bite (Subway)
    Bean Machine (Starbucks)


    Trikots (Fußball, Basketball)
    Bandanas (anderster gebunden)

    Börsenmarkt für GTA Online
    Neue Kaufbare Handys

    Skateboard/Longboard fahren
    Jet-Pack fliegen
    Snowboard fahren im Winter

    North Yankton
    San Fierro
    Las Venturas

  2. Can someone please help me get the hearse. My gamertag is madtvguy, i would
    really appreciate it.

  3. If you are looking for a hearse add me on PS3 and leave a message.

    PSN: Amethyst-Ruby68

  4. I still dont see what’s so great about the sultan
    You didnt add the pheonix, ruiner, or fusilade, which are better than all
    these vehicles

  5. 10. Comet: The closest you can get to driving a Zentorno without doing 10
    hours of Survivals with a trained team, or being part of the launch
    glitches 😛
    9. Granger: Possibly the best attainable mass-transport vehicle in the
    game. Seats 8. Great on missions if the driver isn’t a noob.
    8. Turismo: Acts as a perfect scoop, you can literally go under traffic if
    you hit the right vehicles properly.
    7. Hakuchou: Everyone needs a dangerously fast sportsbike that will kill
    you before any players can.
    6. Carbonizzare: The sporty convertible with supercar stats.
    5. Sandking XL: Great for getting over thick traffic and being an ass. Red,
    white and blue paint job preferred.
    4. Exemplar: The fastest, most classy 4-door vehicle in the game. The
    Sultan is comparable but it doesn’t purr the same way, and you don’t feel
    nearly as rich and entitled in it.
    3. Adder: Would be #1 if it wasn’t for it’s weight and lack of
    customization options. Great for ramming or traveling cross-state via
    highway. It just doesn’t handle and take off like the Zentorno or Entity
    2. Mercenary Mesa: Looks epic and can be used across every square inch of
    the state. Crouching beside the front driver side tire offers perfect cover.
    1. Zentorno: Absurdly fast and agile with an almost 0% chance of being shot
    by anything behind your side windows. Perfect for being a dick and backing
    up to unsuspecting players to boost your K/D 😉

    Everyone has their preferences but this is the most practical 10 vehicles I
    can think of. All serve their own different purpose, be it practical or
    purely entertainment.

  6. looking for someone to get me the Hearst on xbox 360, if you can help me my
    gamertag is: IPRO X SNOWM4N thanks

  7. I am willing to give someone a hearse on gta v xbox one my Gtag is OnCore
    Zayzo send me a msg and I will help you thanks just msg me tho do not
    comment on this thnx

  8. i had an adder then i go racing then coming back from race my adder is gone
    online and i sold gta v and bought the crew so much more funner than gta

  9. I need help getting the hearse on PS3/4 anyone one PS3 send me a request

  10. How do you get the space docker… Now that’s a rare car.

    Only seen 1 player regularly using it in my time on GTA online.

  11. I Just Got The PS4 And I Never Played Online Before Can Someone Play With Me
    Just Message Me That you want to play gta 5 online and tell me you found me
    from the youtube comment