GTA 5 Online – Best Cars To Customize on GTA 5 Online! Rare & Secret Cars & Customization

GTA 5 Online – Best Cars To Customize on GTA 5 Online! Rare & Secret Cars & Customization

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  1. this guy doesn’t have a clue how classic muscle cars are supposed to look
    NO tinted windows
    NO colored wheels
    NO gay spoilers (except the Phoenix)(real life Super Bee wing)
    NO xenon (ricer) lights
    NO big gay bumpers

  2. What the fuck is a “sobray”? Sabre is pronounced as “sayba”, Jesus fucking
    Christ its not like its some really obscure word.

  3. The intake on the Phoenix, No…. and you said put the speaker in the
    cavalcade so that it can be different, then you black out the windows, what
    was the point of that. Sombrey turbo? its said how its spelt Sabre, and you
    really do ruin the nice classic cars, why put supercar wheels on an offroad
    car, and sports on a muscle car. I was going to sub to this guy (just to
    see some rare car videos) but then I saw he does money glitches so umm
    another no… and if you are going to customise cars in this manner, stick
    to supercars 

    HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK!!!!!!! 69 CHARGER 65 MALIBU 72 CHEVELLE 70

  5. If only mods in game reflected mods in real life. Real life car modding is
    more like Kerbal Space Program than this idealized videogame version. Got
    that new turbocharger? Watch it take forever to spool up and/or blow up
    your engine because you forgot to tune it and it leaned out on you. You
    managed to conceal a whole arsenal of weapons and ammo under the seat?
    Well, I hope you don’t mind the extra weight and altered weight
    distribution, or worse, if the vehicle were to catch fire. Boosted your
    power output? Your differential is now in a thousand pieces all over the
    road. Put in that rollcage to protect yourself should something go wrong,
    and toughen up your car in the process? The cops have one more way to
    identify your ass.

  6. How can you open the trunk with the Cavalcade? Otherwise buying the
    speakers with pure black windows is useless.

  7. front wheel drive isn’t shitty. they are much better at recovering from a
    slide and acceleration is quicker compared to an equivalent RWD vehicle.

  8. Are you buying these cars before customising them or can you steal them and
    then put them in your garage? I’m playing on PS4 if that makes any
    difference to last-gen?

  9. I have a VAN in one of my 3 garages and plenty of Saloons and Coupes. I
    only have 3 super cars.

  10. Anyone know where to find the Albany Cavalcade, because I’ve looked
    everywhere for it, and still can’t find it?

  11. I would also suggest the karin sultan, one of the better cars out there
    that can hold four people, its mostly found in sandy shores. Even the karin
    futo and karin rebel are found in sandy shores and has a lot of
    customization to it. Also the car that mercenaries drive when they come to
    attack you (not sure what the name is). just kill the mercenaries that are
    after you in the car, and take it to your garage before more of them kill
    you. And I would also suggest the Gallivanter or known as the Range Rover
    car in the game, very modern and expensive looking xD I also wanted to ask,
    for the last vehicle mentioned in the video, may other players sit on the
    bed of the truck as a passenger?

  12. the first time I got a sabre turbo was before I had a house or even garage,
    and every time I got in it some NPC would go off course and crash, making
    me pay for it…. so I got rid of it, and a month later I got annother one
    and I could not wreck even though I was TRYING to wreck. Scary, huh?

  13. Dude, you ruined the muscle cars. Not cool. Put muscle on them or you will
    die. There are categories for a damn reason

  14. dominator is my fav car to customize. expensive, and when customized, can
    make you look like a pro. 

  15. people drive super cars. but me since day one first vehicle was the
    Patriot. its still in my garage XD lol i usually drive a murdered out
    voodoo buccaneer or manana or my trucks sadler bobcat or bison… i just
    have the sports cars and zentorno for racing.

  16. i think i sent a message to rockstar to let us have customization for car
    that have none and to out more for all.and i told them to add a vinyl shop
    so you can make custom vinyl like nfs world and other games

  17. Umm for the cavalcade since you put tinted windows how are you going to see
    the speaker system?? Lol

  18. You have no idea what your talking about. Great job at not knowing anything
    about cars 

  19. Ohhh man thats shit…
    Where is the Obey Tailgater or Bravado S ?
    There are so much cars better than yours!
    Only the Sandking is a good choice i think!