GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #11 (Dubsta 6×6) [GTA V]

GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #11 (Dubsta 6×6) [GTA V]

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  1. Hey Saintsfan! I just want to thank you and other youtubers for inspiring
    me to make my own channel… it’s small but the support as been incredible!

  2. I was watching the stream but since my internet is ass i just left halfway
    through the car show

  3. Geez my internet was sucking that day im the guy that left and te gamer tag
    is tere11223344556 if u wanted to know that but honestly i’m with you
    austin the wheel on the hood dosent look goodnif u noticed my dubsta dosent
    have that

  4. I like the idea of using muscle cars in the showcase. They have lots of
    options for changing the look of your car.

  5. I like the white tire rims personally that’s my a pinion and I like your
    truck the best so Ya 

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  7. I don’t understand. What’s so bad about white walls? They just make the
    tires look better…