GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #5 (Franklin’s Buffalo) [GTA V]

GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #5 (Franklin's Buffalo) [GTA V]

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #5 (Franklin’s Buffalo) [GTA V]

  1. I fucking hate it when you people put lowrider wheels on Super and Sport
    cars. It’s not meant to be on those cars!! It looks so damn stupid. I
    hate most of these car showcases because they all put lowrider wheels. I
    think the only sports/super car that looks good with lowrider wheels is the
    adder. That’s it.

  2. *ATTENTION 12 YEAR OLDS* lowrider wheels do not go on sports or supercars
    just because you think they look cool doesn’t mean the rest of the gta
    community agrees it looks like liquid shit

  3. “White walls on a super car are a must have”
    How much of a faggot could you possibly be? I bet you drive a Honda in real
    life lol

  4. Personally I think every buddy needs to relax because I think white walls
    look good on all types of cars. So please die hard car fans, calm down,
    this a game not real life.

  5. Hosts of a car show with no real life car knowledge, and a lot of criticism
    on cars that look nice and compliments to cars that look bad.

  6. Why does the spoiler and rims need to match with the car??? Not a lot of
    people know how to style a car in this game. It looks ridiculous IMO, but
    if this is what you like don’t listen to what anyone says. Make it how you
    like it even if it’s ugly 

  7. Chrome is bad? .. The white wall tires are better than the atomic’s? ..
    Everyone has their own opinions but what the fuck. Lmao. 

  8. If you put lowrider rims on a sports/super/muscle car then go fucking kill
    yourself and actually now what looks good. Every time i go to a car meet
    and i see those rims on a car that shouldn’t deserve that disrespect, i
    kill that person and annoy them until they change and sometimes i blow up
    there car so that car can be in a better place with a better owner

  9. I want to have this awesome Car. Franklins Buffalo. Can anyone Share it
    with me on ps4 ? there is my Name playar1998. Please I am from Germany

  10. “White walls on a super car are a must have.” You know what, fuck the
    comment section! I fucking agree!

  11. The Buffalo is technically a muscle car because it’s a Dodge Charger but
    Rockstar fucked that up