GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #9 (Super & Sports Edition) [GTA V]

GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #9 (Super & Sports Edition) [GTA V]

24 Responses to GTA 5 Online – CAR SHOWCASE #9 (Super & Sports Edition) [GTA V]

  1. saw the thumbnail with the adder and white wall tires, i was like “im not
    even going to bother to watch this”

  2. If you watched the live stream you would know he said to only join the car
    show if you have white walls. He wanted to see how much you guys would
    bitch in the comment section

  3. Wait.. did every car really had lowrider wheels? And how the fuck can you
    say that that “fits” the car?!

  4. One more fucking set of white walls and i aint watching this series no
    more, i know it aint Austins fault, but ffs.. At first i didnt mind, but
    now everyone uses them and lowrider wheels on fucking sports nd supercars?
    Fuuuck no

  5. Who in their fucking right mind thinks white walls look good? Dumb asses
    with no taste. Not even cars in real life use that shit or name me one?
    Keep it to classics not sports cars.

  6. I just use graphite instead if black when I’m using carbon. It’s closer to
    carbon than any other black (in my opinion) but that’s just my opinion. I
    hope I helped.

  7. I have nothing against people and their taste in cars. But let me ask a
    question for everyone who has an Adder, Entity XF, Cheetah, or any other
    super car in GTA Online, if (in reality) you owned a Bugatti Veyron Super
    Sport, that flat out could do 267 mph, would you put white wall, low rider
    tires on it? Just asking. But it’s a video game, and most of the cosmetic
    mods on cars don’t do anything so, go ahead, go mad!! Make it you!

  8. Every body is fighting over a game ik it obsession i had obsession but i
    got over it cause i said why am i getting in fights with other players if
    its not real life this a way you can make friends in gta5 online