GTA 5 Online – CAR TROLLING! (GTA V Online)

GTA 5 Online – CAR TROLLING! (GTA V Online)

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  1. Block the los Santos cumstoms door with your most expensive car and go into
    passive mode

  2. Troll somebody by getting a cargobob picking there car up with them in it
    and throw it in to the lake. P.S you wont have to pay for them

  3. How to troll passive mode: put a sticky bomb in your car, give someone in
    passive mode a lift, when he gets in explode the car

  4. What I was doing for awhile was ignition bomb trolling people. I would
    take a random car off the street, strap it with an ignition bomb, and place
    it in front of Los Santos door so no one could drive in. People get so
    upset and get out to move it and blow up. Its hilarious

  5. Get a cargobob, activate Turn A Blind Eye right outside Fort Zancudo, pick
    up a tank diven by an NPC, then let it loose about a block away from a big
    shoot out and watch the tank go after anyone who has a wanted level.

  6. Put a bigger vehicle in front of the door so he has to blow it up and if he
    doesnt have explosives he cant! :D

  7. Battlefield Style- Drive a car with a stickybomb (Save sticky bombs and
    money) into someone an jump out wait fr th car to get to them n BOOM goes
    the dynamite… P.S u cn still detonate th sticky bombs while rolling out
    of ur car…

  8. this is a great way
    u go inside the car wash and give a car of your choice a wash and while ur
    in your car and still in the middle of the wash blow yourself up
    u wont be able to move or move your camera but you also cant die
    set a bounty of 9000 on you and watch and see people trying to kill you
    and for fun u can tell people that nobody can kill you

  9. Xpert I’m a big fan but stop killing people when they’re shopping and stuff
    it’s fucking annoying people re trying to shop and you kill them

  10. I don’t really see that as funny. Like I’m not one of those kids who are
    like “you’re just a bully stop killing others for amusement”. All I’m
    saying is that it wasn’t really entertaining, all you did was kill 1 kid
    and he was smart to run and not put up with it. The most entertaining part
    was when you were killed by the jet guy because it turned the tables. 

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  12. Put an ignition bomb in the car. Park it in front of the mod shop. Turn on
    passive mode. Wait for someone to move the car and….. Booom BIATCH!
    Because you are in passive mode they can’t kill you and that really pisses
    them off. (Sorry for my bad english)

  13. You should get a range rover and then just leave it sitting WITH an
    ignition bomb in it. People want to sell it so they get trolled!
    Another thing is pouring gasoline on a random person’s car as they are
    shopping. Shoot the gasoline when they come out and yell “HAPPY 4TH OF
    JULY!” (the troll being it’s not the 4th of July, GET REKT!)

  14. Put a bunch of sticky bombs on the road and make sure it blocks it then
    wait for somebody to come an BOOM!

  15. Go off the radar and try to sneak up behind some guy online and put a
    sticky bomb on his back and run away if you can do that it will be so cool

  16. Get a random car buy a ignition bomb then park it in front of the Los
    santos customs and wait till someone comes

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