GTA 5 Online – Categories Of Potential Heist Cars & Vehicles Revealed! (GTA V Heists)

GTA 5 Online – Categories Of Potential Heist Cars & Vehicles Revealed! (GTA V Heists)

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  1. Just add kimo275 if you get the chance Ross, or reply to my comment,
    please. Love you <3 and nice vid as always

  2. I think the insugant is based off of the Knight xv And the Marauder wich
    are both civilian military spec suvs

  3. There is a triangle and a O on a Dualshock controller. The O is the
    Illuminati eye, and the triangle is the illuminati pyramid.
    But it does not stop there. There are 4 edges on a square, and an X is two
    lines crossing each other. 4/2 = 2
    All those buttons are placed on 1 part of the controller. 2 + 1 = 3
    There are 3 sides on a triangle.

  4. How about an “Import-DLC” including:

    Annis Elegy RH7 (Nissan Skyline R34)
    Annis Elegy RH6 (Nissan Skyline R33)
    Annis Elegy RH5 (Nissan Skyline R32)
    Annis Higashi (Nissan Silvia)
    Vulcar Owari (Datsun 240Z)
    Karin Minato (Toyota Supra)
    Dinka Jester classic (Honda NSX)
    Bollokan Sumo (Mazda MX5 Miata)
    Bollokan Jiyu (Mazda RX7)
    Karin Kuruma (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X)
    Skateboard ($1000)

    30 new wheels
    wheel-color chrome ($5000)
    wheel-color gold ($7500)
    spinner wheels
    Color options for headlights
    Color options for brakes
    Custom interieur
    License plates from other countries (Europe, Japan, Liberty City…)

    High-End Mansions with 20 car garages

    Trade-market for your cars
    Betting your car at races
    BAWSAQ online

    Air Hockey
    Casino (Blackjack, Roulette, Poker…)

    Open buildings:
    LSIA (Airport)
    Cluckin Bell
    Burger Shot
    Bahama Mamas
    Maze Bank Arena
    Rockford Plaza
    Last Train in Los Santos
    Bean Machine

    Flame Thrower

    Basketball Shoes
    New chains

    Invulnerability (1min $5000)


  5. Stop calling it an APC Tank, it’s redundant. APC stands for Armored
    Personnel Carrier, so saying Armored Personnel Carrier Tank is pointless. A
    tank is already technically an armored personnel carrier as it usually
    takes 3-5 or more crew members to properly run a tank (not like in GTA
    where you can control a Tank solo)

  6. The HVY Insurgent looks like its based off of the Gurkha RPV, best part the
    Gurkha is Canadian.

  7. What about the Karin Technical and Vapid Guardian? Any info on dat?

  8. in heists imagine if the if we are jumping out of a building with cops,
    merrywheater, mercenaries and security are all chasing us with cars trucks
    planes helicopters bikes and more heists just sound epic i can’t wait
    rockstar need to announce them soon its been way too long.

  9. I don’t think u can say APC “Tank” because a tank is an armoured vehicle
    for many purposes while the APC is an Armored Personnel Carrier whose only
    reason is to transport troops at the battlefield.

  10. New Update this Tuesday or Thursday, I’d bet on it. Why? Call of Duty had
    DLC last week, so now Rockstar wants gamers to go back to GTA 5.
    They’ve done this very same thing often in the past :)

  11. They may drop dlc on Tuesday cuz rockstar always try’s to top the other
    games like destiny so they may drop some dlc after all