GTA 5 Online : CHALLENGES!!! – “Plane VS Car With A Twist” (Season 2, Episode 8)

GTA 5 Online : CHALLENGES!!! – “Plane VS Car With A Twist” (Season 2, Episode 8)

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  2. Here’s a gta challenge ! Drive from point A ( furthest away from the paleto
    bay mod shop) en drive to point B ( the poleto bay mod shop) completely in
    cynamatic view , the one who has to pay the least to repair the vehicle
    wins ( advisable to use same car+upgrades) 

  3. I’m english and know about North America and South America being separate
    continents and Australia is in Oceana. Tom is just dumb :’)

  4. It’s called United States of America because they were some British
    colonies that united to fight against british empire for more freedom (very
    short version).
    United States of America, they were some “states” that united to fight for
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    I know that.

  5. Nick wins!!! At 7:05 Tom turned left even though he was only supposed to
    turn right or stay straight on!!! NICK WINS!!!

    P.S. Tom probably didn’t notice so that’s okay (:

  6. Yeah: popping yourself is free if you haven’t got any cash on your
    Also, Australia is the largest Island continent in the world and is part of

  7. I love how the Brit doesn’t understand that The U.S. is not allll of North
    America. Amuses me especially when it’s smaller than Canada