GTA 5 Online DLC Update – Heist DLC Features & Info Soon (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online DLC Update – Heist DLC Features & Info Soon (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online DLC Update – Heist DLC Features & Info Soon (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. Gta 5 pc delayd truly pissed me off my birthday was on the 6th and I was
    really hyped for the game and then they delayd it and with the fact the
    have done it twice since thr first deley I think they shluld’t give release
    dates anymore 

  2. A bunch of my mates were pissed about PC being delayed as the do have a
    console but can’t be passed with it with me I am at £150 so will be getting
    a Xbox 1 soon I am looking at you LispyJ

  3. i like that you present your videos like you do, it feels more “live” than
    some channels that have some canned footage they found from months ago that
    half way through switches to call of duty black ops, and i hadn’t heard
    about the new multi part robberies, so thats new info. the communitiy is
    getting lazy recently, my feed the other day was about 30 vids
    regurgitating the info r* had on g+

  4. If ANYONE has a double back coquette message me I have over 50 other modded
    cars and ill trade you as many of them as you want my gamer tag on Xbox one
    is xPEPSIWARRIORx thank you.

  5. Just give us fucking heists we have been waiting for this shit for 2
    fucking years for this shit if it’s not worth it I’m selling my gta fuck it

  6. Your mask theory is rong it is NOT snow on the mask but a ghost mask, if
    you look at the pickture whit te 4 guy’s that are in te mountans you look
    at the guy that is wearing a ghost mask and if you look to the new choper
    you can see it is the same AND NOT SNOW. If you look good you can see that
    is has an image. I am sorry to say it but now the info is right.

  7. Hey man… Love the videos but it frustrates me when you say rockstar
    thinks they can get away with delaying PC or anything like that. I know
    there are lots of people pissed about it being delayed again (myself
    included) but I just think I’d rather get a belated finished game than a
    broken gam that’s on Time… If you know what I mean… Anyhow… Love the
    vids keep it up:)