GTA 5 Online DLC Update – Heist Release Date Soon or DLC Delayed (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online DLC Update – Heist Release Date Soon or DLC Delayed (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  2. Lipsy, I dunno if you know but I have reason to believe heists are coming
    24th of March. Here’s why: GTA’s steam page has been saying “Early 2015”
    for months, and Rockstar said “The game’s gonna be release 27th of January,
    and so far no changes made, that is totally not fishy, right? RIGHT?” The
    Steam page wasn’t updated until the 27th of January, which was the day they
    said “lol delay 24th of March kek” and the Steam page updated as well,
    along with the PC specs being announced. Rockstar also said “Heists are
    coming well before the PC release.” I have some kind of feeling the PC
    version has been ready for a while but Sony/Micro$oft complained Heists had
    to come first, so they’re working on the heists and are most likely going
    to release them at the same time as the PC version comes.

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  4. yeah the 26st the perfect date, right on that date im coming back from
    holidays fuck yeah, aint gonna lose a minute of it

  5. heists will come out when rockstar is ready so shut the fuck up about them
    and do videos on something real coming to gta.

  6. The tunables is no proof what so ever, we saw this statement allready with
    the valentines dlc which we all expected cause of the tunables being

  7. I have a possible feature coming with heists if you go to the docks were
    the helipads are there is a crane that might be used to lift a sub from a
    heist mission which also means the sub might go to online

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  9. They will come out 2018 as the next GTA and the whole game will just be
    online heists with your friends so forget this game and just buy payday

  10. For those of you jackasses that are saying heists will never come out y’all
    are stupid. Yes, I know Rockstar are a bunch of cocksuckers who take
    forever to do their business. But if heists were to never come out why
    would they release a heist trailer? And for those of you that are saying
    2018 or some shit like that go suck a dick.