Gta 5 Online Drift Meet #2

Gta 5 Online Drift Meet #2

25 Responses to Gta 5 Online Drift Meet #2

  1. Anyone do drift meets I’m on ps3 and I do very good drifting,I’m in a crew
    but my crew rarely does car meets and drift meets but i want to be part of
    a meet more often bc gta online is boring me to deaf Psn:xxyauco_pr_rg4l 

  2. Hey when is the next drift meet ps3 cause.i want to make drift car so i
    will make one for next meet il drift 

  3. Yo watsup guys do you think you could add me to your guys crew im semi pro
    I drift the futo and the phoenix and id just love a drift crew

  4. People!Add Me on PS4/PS3/XBOX One! ID:djb-74
    Car Meet in HlBoost,hella-flush-NOSRacing,iStance Racing Media,.
    Enjoy!Meet’s,Cruise,Tour,DragRace,and more.