GTA 5 Online: Fast And Easy Cash By Selling Cars & Robbing Stores (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online: Fast And Easy Cash By Selling Cars & Robbing Stores (GTA V)

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  1. Can you sell cars in story mode? And by the way, GTA 5 has story mode and
    multiplayer so stop saying but in this game because it’s like your saying
    multiplayer is in a different game ffs

  2. LEMME DROP IT DOWN FOR YOU, you can sell it fo’ 1h (48 Minuits) but InGame
    it’s 1 Day. Get it now? F*ck sake. :/

  3. If you shoot the store up (especially the stuff behind the clerk) he will
    also speed up

  4. If you want to know a glitch!

    First you need to steal ANY car
    Then go to the Los Santos Customs
    Upgrade EVERYTHING so spend ALOT!
    Then go down to sell
    Click on it once
    When it asks to confirm press start, go over to game store and press A,
    then when it takes you to your game for only 2 seconds you need to press A
    really FAST!
    Once your in the game store press B so you can return to your game!
    Then leave the customs and you will have the amount of money that you could
    sell the car for!
    This counts as Selling the car so you can only do it every 48 minutes!

    You want to upgrade as much as you can so then you get more money!

    The only downside is that you have to stay in the car while you wait
    because you CANT put the car in your garage or put any loss/protection
    stuff on it!

    It works even after the Independence update and patching!
    So use it while you can!
    I’m at half a mil right now!
    Earning 80k at a time!

  5. my personal car is vapid dominator
    how i got it
    when in the mission where simeon want you to steal a car and make it your
    personal car i took a shitty car it looked like michael car so it was ok
    but i saw vapid dominator i wanted to sell it but it say (we dont need cars
    right now)
    so i put the things that makes the car your personal car and i was happy

  6. Thank you for the tip I didn’t know about selling cars to the mods
    shops….but I was hoping to find out how to sell them over the internet to
    other players. Is this possible or no?

  7. How can i sell away car which i got it for free on the internet order. i
    got 5 sames models and i cannot sell it away on garage

  8. I just started gta v for ps4 and i was trying ro sell a car but when i went
    in los santos customes i couldnot find the sell button to sell the car can
    some one please help 

  9. you cant sell the car you bought like the elegy if you cant sell it if you
    didnt customize it so if you repair it you get to sell it.

  10. 2:12 Epic Fail! That’s why before I leave the store I always put the money
    on the bank you don’t lose anything

  11. actually in 2015 (Now) Rockstar said since the other gen game came out they
    are working on heists, thats right heists with your friends or by yourself

  12. I have the z-type car and I want to sell it. But I have it on story mode as
    Franklin and I bought it for ten million. Can I sell it?