GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise DLC New Weapons Proximity Mines, Homing Launcher and New Vehicles

GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise DLC New Weapons Proximity Mines, Homing Launcher and New Vehicles

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise DLC New Weapons Proximity Mines, Homing Launcher and New Vehicles

  1. This bull****!! Why can’t they do that on Xbox 360 and PS3? Like really?!
    Rockstar you even said on there, but never said it would be on Xbox One or
    PS4. Come on, why are they doing this to us? They can’t give us the stuff
    for the original gen and next gen? That’s stupid what they did. We all were
    excited for update, but nothing has shown. Just only saying about owning
    three apartments. That’s it?! We need more than that. We need the weapons,
    masks, outfits, etc whatever what the people want on the original gen and
    not the next gen. Come on, who agree’s with me?!? 

  2. Thank +Ossie Gay for this:
    New Cars – 11:45
    New Clothes – 18:25
    Legion Square Christmas Tree – 21:23
    Special Crate Drop – 23:10
    Tattoos – 25:00
    New Weapons – 28:00
    More New Clothes – 32:10
    New Parachute Kits – 37:55
    New Hats and Masks – 39:40
    The End – 42:36

  3. I like how he didn’t even check the Jester’s customization properly and
    just assumed there is no respray.

  4. You know I like Lui but his insistence that players who kill other players
    in this game are “jerks” really gets on my fucking nerves.

    This isn’t fucking Hello Kitty Online Adventures its fucking Grand Theft
    Auto. Unless you are in passive mode you are PvP enabled. That means you
    are 100% attackable from any person, any time, anywhere, any level with any
    weapon, any car, any tank, any fighter jet, or attack helicopter.

    This is what we do in GTA: Online. If you don’t like it then fucking leave
    the game Lui. Stop insisting players like me are jerks because we attack
    players THAT WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE ATTACKABLE BY US! I’m quite proud of
    my k/d ratio because it sets me apart from the regular players.

  5. For some reason I didn’t see the ‘respray’ option for the racecars. I’m
    sorry! My eyes hid it from me. :(

  6. Lui you fool 16:29 you literally didn’t show us your crew color, you just
    scrolled over it in the menu, It didn’t do anything at all, and you can
    customize those race-cars just as much as you can their stock variants, Lui
    why do you skip over customization options then say how you can’t customize
    the vehicles? 

  7. I’m hoping to get a ElgatoHD60 for Christmas! I can’t wait to use it (if i
    get it). You have inspired me to do Youtube, Lui, and I thank you for that.
    I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with your channel, Its always a
    pleasure to watch your videos. Happy Holidays man!

  8. i got a alienware laptop, Brut(very expensive deodrent), n Samsung Galaxy
    Tab 4 and a watch with a 10 year battery life

  9. For some reason your videos suck. I mean, you’re a terrible person, Lui.
    Fans have came up to you to greet you and some say you are a total asshole.

    Listen, if you don’t want fans asking for a picture or an autograph, stop
    making videos, *Bitch*.

  10. dear Lui, I just wanted to wish you a happy holidays. last monday I found
    out that i had been diagnosed with Leukemia and that i wont make it over
    the holidays. Just to think that i was turning 13 on the 30th. Never EVER
    let life hold you back because you need to live your life to the fullest.
    Thank you for making me smile and laugh in your videos. Your an awesome
    guy. I know you never read your comments but i Needed to say thanks before
    i you know

  11. Lui, instead of wasting your online money, why not just buy/customize the
    new vehicles in single player? It’s a lot more cheaper, and when you’re
    done customizing the new vehicles head to online and buy the ones you want.
    Just start in single player then transition to a solo/invite only session.

  12. God, this guy is so horrible, all he does is scream like an idiot and talk
    about how famous he thinks he is. And he made the title so misleading,
    people come here because they want to see all the new stuff in the festive
    surprise but instead it’s a 42 minute video that’s 90% him blabbing on and
    driving around and 10% actually covering all the material in the update,
    he’s only famous because he’s “friends” with vanoss 

  13. Hi Lui Calibre my son is a very big fan and he says all he wants for
    Christmas is to play on Xbox 360 with you if you see this message my sons
    gamer tag is PersuadedBat14 and he does not have that much friends on the
    Xbox 360

  14. Hi my name is Jacob I love ur videos after my brother died 4 years ago I
    have been watching ur videos and it makes me happy. Sometimes when I get
    upset I watch ur videos and it makes a menz all I want to say is thank you
    u have made me so happy I am 12 years old and u make my day every video I
    watch makes me laugh and many people will say this but u mean it from the
    heart and I would consider u as a friend but I don’t know and also I’m in
    England so a all I want to say is thank you sooooo much

  15. Lui calibre this was you last post which was on December 18 wtf and today
    is January 2 2015 which means your are not active it looks to me you don’t
    care about us it has been 15 days and you haven’t post any what is
    happening? I am liking Dahsiegames better than you because he is funny and