GTA 5 Online: *FREE* HEIST DLC CARS! Patch 1.23 STORE ANY CAR FREE! (GTA 5 1.23 Duplication Glitch)

GTA 5 Online: *FREE* HEIST DLC CARS! Patch 1.23 STORE ANY CAR FREE! (GTA 5 1.23 Duplication Glitch)

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    I am willing to trade any of these cars for any *modded* or fully upgraded
    car *I don’t have*. If you are interested, comment your gamertag and the
    car you want and what you would give me!
    -Adder (Fully Upgraded)
    -Zentorno (Fully Upgraded)
    -Turismo R (Fully Upgraded)
    -Roosevelt (Fully Upgraded)
    – Mariachi Car (Fully Upgraded)
    -Jester (Fully Upgraded) (Normal and Race Car)
    -Massacro (Fully Upgraded) (Race Car)
    -Cheetah (Fully Upgraded)
    -Sultan RS (Fully Upgraded)
    -Dubsta 6×6 (Fully Upgraded)
    -Z-type (Fully Upgraded)
    -Entity XF (Fully Upgraded)
    -Bati 801 (Fully Upgraded)
    -Modded Panto (Fully Upgraded)
    -Granger (Fully Upgraded)
    -Warrener (Fully Upgraded)
    -Slamvan (Fully Upgraded)
    -Buccaneer (Fully Upgraded)
    -Buffalo S (Fully Upgraded) (Franklins)
    -Voltic (Fully Upgraded)
    -Carbonizzare (Fully Upgraded)
    -Peyote (Fully Upgraded)
    -Calvacade (Fully Upgraded) (Blacked out)

  2. I have armorored kuruma
    Modded Roosevelt
    Modded Ruffian
    Modded Panto
    Modded Classic Corvette
    Modded Tornado

    Looking for the normal storable insurgent
    PS4 WhiteWarrior69ER

  3. Add me and send message XBOX ONE GT: Anuuj
    1 Fully Upgraded Entity
    2 Fully Upgraded Zentornos
    Fully Upgraded Adder (sells for 740K)
    Fully Upgraded Coquette Topless
    Fully Upgraded Sultan
    Fully Upgraded Infernus
    Fully Upgraded Bravado Yoghi
    Fully Upgraded Z-Type
    Fully Upgraded Chrome Blue Blazer
    Modded Fully upgraded Hidden Gold Ruffian (No Headlights)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Zentorno (Double Turbo Tire Smoke changes Color)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Turismo R (Tire Smoke changes color W,R,B)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Adder (Double turbo nd hidden gold)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Roosevelt (without wheels and laugages TIre Smoke
    Change Color)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Hearse (Without Coffin
    Modded Fully Upgraded Coquette (invisible back)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Mesa (Without back)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Modded Dune Buggy (Green Wheels and Green Smoke)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Dinka Akuma (Doouble Turbo
    Modded Fully Upgraded Hidden Gols Mirachi car (guitars & sombreros at back)
    Modded Fully upgraded Deludamol Van (Tire Smoke chage colors)
    Modded Fully Upgraded BeeJay (Micheal in back with green tinted windows and
    hidden gold)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Coquette (Invisible Back Tire smoke Changes Color)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Badhi (Slapped Rusty Modded chrome Green)
    Modded FUlly Upgraded Stallion (With hard-top Hidden Gold)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Kalahari (Bars at back and Hidden Gold)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Mesa (No bars)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Voltic (Traingles)
    Modded Fully Upgraded StickerBomb Car (Bumbers dissapears from distance)
    Modded Fully Upgraded Weasel News Van
    Modded Fully Upgraded coquette Classic hidden gold
    All Modded cars have Yankton plate Most of my cars have Patriot smoke I
    dont remember some

    Looking for:
    MODDED cars I dont have
    Patriot Smoke Cars
    Modded colors on Modded cars
    When I mean modded cars I mean cars that are really not supposed to be in
    the game
    Modded Sultan (Without Hood)
    Hidden Gold Cars

    Not Looking For:
    Normal Cars
    Modded colors on cars/supercars
    Cars I aleady have

    Only looking for MODDED cars that I DONT have NO FREE trade for trade

  4. Xbox one gt : johnnyz543
    I have
    -Purple bmx
    -Modded votic
    -Modded coquette
    -Modded double back coquette
    -Modded weasel news van
    -modded burrito van
    -Modded paradise
    -modded deludamol
    -Western sovereign green
    -Western sovereign Blue
    -Western sovereign gold
    -Western sovereign orange
    -Modded adder (black spoiler)
    -modded panto
    -Modded Mesa
    -Modded Roosevelt
    -Modded Kalahari
    -Modded Beejay (Michael in the back)
    Trade only Looking for hardtop stallion or mariachi car

  5. could anyone give me dlc cars ill give you stuff if you want anything i

  6. I am on the ps4 and want to see if i can get this to work from the party
    chat. Bikerider1976 is my psn name

  7. Sir weed could you make an RP method video? I’m starting over on a new
    character since my old one glitched out and I lost all my stuff. But with
    heists and my already $10m in the bank I’m giving gta v another chance

  8. I AM ON XBOX ONE! GT = Kizzon.
    I’m looking for people with any heist vehicle, or a roosevelt. I also want
    high selling cars.
    I have: Every Super Car and the Armored Car!!

    Also looking for people to do heists with.


  9. *XBOX ONE*
    Looking for mainly *modded vehicles* and *HEIST VEHICLES* including BMX’s
    such as Modded Mesa, Modded Beejay, Smoke in the water van, Clown Van,
    Prison van, Modded Phoneix, Burito Van, Modded Adder etc.
    *I have* Modded Sovereign, Modded Roosevelt, Modded Coquette, Modded
    Hotknife, Modded Panto, Rare Gold/Yellow BMX, Modded Dune Buggy, Modded
    Gold pearlescent Lifeguard Blazer, Nemesis, Dubsta 6×6 and all my *supercars
    have north yankton plate and green tint windows*.

  10. I’m looking for heist trucks with guns on top and new heist motorcycle
    message me GT:RankAlfred I’ll show u my garage if u have them. 

  11. If you can help me ill hook you up I got tons of modded cars plus heists
    cars ps4 psn XxIAmKiritoxX

  12. Hello my friends,

    For ps4 you do it the same way, until the party part comes in. When you get
    the error message for the impounded car, you go to your party and directly
    join your friends sesion, once you have done this, you have to go back to
    your party and scroll up and down for 30 seconds. After this you go back to
    gta and press x several times. From this point it’s again the same as on

    Leave a like so you’ll help all other ps4 players!
    Leave a comment if you need help. 

    Coquette Classic (Roofed) + (Roofless)
    Sultan RS
    Furore GT
    Kuruma (Armored)
    Turismo R
    Elegy RH8
    Dubsta 6×6
    Sabre Turbo
    Stallion (Roofless)
    Looking for : (MUST BE FULLY UPGRADED)
    Stallion (Hard Or Soft Top)
    Sovereign (ALL BLACK)

  14. U can do this on ps4 by quickly going back and hopping on after u joined
    and its loading. But im searching for someone with à chrome sovereign or
    modded coquette Classic or other modded car, i got a few like a modded
    Sanchez, Roosevelt, modded adder, modded vader with no exhaust, mariachi
    car, more modded stuff I can’t remember atm PSN : Splashh72

  15. I want a modded car …I don’t have one I have a fully upgraded entity that
    I’ll give for one…Msg me on Xbox 360: SpiraL Clutch