GTA 5 Online Garage Glitches with DLC Cars! Players losing CARS AND MONEY!

GTA 5 Online Garage Glitches with DLC Cars! Players losing CARS AND MONEY!

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  1. I have a glitch whereni try to walk/drive in my third gararge and its shows
    the animation of my charactor laking or driving in but gets stuck there. I
    can still use pause menu to leave sesion its been like that since we could
    have 3 garages. 

  2. My friend lost his dubsta 6×6 and contacted rockstar and they strait up
    told him they aren’t going to give him the money or the truck back. He was
    pretty angry cause it was fully upgraded and had gold and chrome paint and
    very expensive wheels.

  3. My Ideas for the “International-Update”



    BF Club (VW Golf V)
    BF Bug (VW Beetle)
    Pfister Comet (2013 Porsche 911)
    Ubermacht Sentinel Classic (BMW E30)
    Ubermacht Central (BMW 1 Series)
    Ubermacht Neo (BMW i8)
    Ubermacht Rebla (BMW X6)
    Benefactor Swan (Mercedes 300SL)
    Benefactor Elegance (1984 Mercedes E Class)
    Benefactor Schaich (Maybach 57)


    Weeny Issi Classic (Mini Minor)
    Dewbauche Noble (Aston Martin One-77)
    Lampadati Casco (Jaguar E-Type)
    Grotti Exodus (McLaren P1)


    Pegassi Detriti (Lamborghini Countach)
    Pegassi Milano (Lamborghini Urus)
    Grotti Turismo (Ferrari 360 Modena)
    Grotti Integracione (Ferrari F40)
    Grotti Lucertolla (Ferrari Dino)
    Principe Bola (Fiat 500)
    Principe Estate (Alfa Rome Spider)
    Principe Monte (Lancia Delta Evo)


    Truffade Ordre (Bugatti EB110)
    Lampadati Voyage (Citroën 2CV)
    Lampadati Gagne (Renault Alpine)


    Vulcar Maudad (Volvo XC90)


    Annis Elegy RH7 (Nissan Skyline R34)
    Annis Elegy RH6 (Nissan Skyline R33)
    Annis Elegy RH5 (Nissan Skyline R32)
    Annis Higashi (Nissan Silvia)
    Vulcar Owari (Datsun 240Z)
    Karin Minato (Toyota Supra)
    Dinka Jester classic (Honda NSX)
    Dinka Flash (Honda Civic ek9)
    Bollokan Sumo (Mazda MX5 Miata)
    Bollokan Jiyu (Mazda RX7)
    Karin Super GT (Lexus LFA)
    Karin Kuruma (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X)
    Skateboard ($1000)


    Declasse Vigero (11’Chevrolet Camaro)
    Declasse Mariana (Chevrolet Cobalt SS)
    Clean Declasse Vodoo (Chevrolet Impala)
    Willard Faction (Buick Regal)
    Albany Presidente (Cadillac CTS-V)
    Schyster PMP 600 (Chrysler 300C)
    Bravado ADS (Dodge RAM)
    Vapid Tampa (1965 Mustang)
    Vapid Hawk (Ford Focus ST)
    Vapid Bestia (Shelby Cobra)

    30 new wheels
    wheel-color chrome ($5000)
    wheel-color gold ($7500)
    spinner wheels
    Color options for headlights
    Color options for brakes
    Custom interieur
    License plates from other countries (Europe, Japan, Liberty City…)

    High-End Mansions with 20 car garages

    Trade-market for your cars
    Betting your car at races
    BAWSAQ online

    Air Hockey
    Casino (Blackjack, Roulette, Poker…)

    Open buildings:
    LSIA (Airport)
    Cluckin Bell
    Burger Shot
    Bahama Mamas
    Maze Bank Arena
    Rockford Plaza
    Last Train in Los Santos
    Bean Machine

    Flame Thrower

    Basketball Shoes
    New chains

    Invulnerability (1min $5000)


  4. I’m literally done with grand theft auto, I’ve moved on. I’ve accomplished
    everything that’s possible besides beating somebody in tennis lol. The
    battlefield hardline beta IS LIFE

  5. Everyone in comments giving rockstar hate just back off they are the best
    thing ever so there is some problems with gta online it will get better it
    always doses so give them time and just let them work on it so back off and
    don’t give them hate we are all lucky they care about us and have not just
    gave up on us just give them time

  6. On old gem back when The tourism came out mine disapeared and I messaged
    Rockstar support after a week I got 500 grand back

  7. I’ll check tomorrow morning. If any of my cars are missing. I’m not even
    gonna bother contacting fuckstar. I’ll be done with gta and fuckstar
    forever. Ridiculous! 

  8. The description still says: help me get 400k subscribers, you allready have
    it, congratulations!

  9. Dukes fully upgraded has disappeared 3 times. 1 time I was dumb and
    repurchased. Next 2 times I immediately shut the game down and rebooted
    PS4. When I logged back in it was back luckily, very annoying glitch! If
    you notice a car is missing reboot IMMEDIATELY.