GTA 5 Online Garage Show Case “GTA Online” 10 Car Garage

GTA 5 Online Garage Show Case “GTA Online” 10 Car Garage

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Garage Show Case “GTA Online” 10 Car Garage

  1. I think the Entity is Overrated
    I like the Cheetah more
    Cause it looks sicker and is pretty fast
    My opinion

  2. My garage is a bit cheaper, i have a Futo, Schafter, Schwartzer, Elegy,
    Dubsta, Zion Cabrio, Sabre Turbo, Double t, and a Sultan. I am happy with
    all of them, might boot the Double T for an Entity.

  3. I have a lanbo a buguti a linmo a truck with red rims a the car is black i
    have a cheta ist all black i have a monster struck ist blue a bmw ist red

  4. PLEASE someone give me 100 million , you would really help me alot , my psn
    is : gillesvdb1234
    That would be awesome

  5. the “water” noise your hearing is the engine of the car you just got done
    driving and it is cooling down.

  6. carbonizarre needs flashy collors…not black…and preferably
    the sandking looks like shit though
    entity looks right
    elegy can look better
    the bati looks good
    the z-type doesnt look all that bad like in most cases
    the vacca to needs light collors
    cheetah can be black though
    coil voltic looks good
    the adder just doesnt

  7. I used to feel jealous looking at all these cars but now, I got all super
    cars including the Z type. And another 10 car garage with mostly lowrider

    So I’m pretty happy with what I got. 

  8. No Zentorno ? I have the Vacca, The Elegy, the Entity and the Zentorno.
    Dont like the Adder. anyway have fun

  9. I don’t get why people don’t like the adder sure it’s expensive but it’s an
    all around amazing car