GTA 5 Online: GET ANY CAR *FREE* 1.24/1.25 STORE ANY CAR! (GTA 5 1.25 Free Cars Glitch)

GTA 5 Online: GET ANY CAR *FREE* 1.24/1.25 STORE ANY CAR! (GTA 5 1.25 Free Cars Glitch)

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  1. Looking for Adder with spoiler // Any Other Cars i Dont Have

    PS4 Only

    I Have:
    Modded Duke O Death – Yankton Plate – Green Tint – Patriot Smoke
    Modded Sir Weed Van – Chrome & Custom Crew Colour – Yankton Plate
    Modded Trashmaster – CHROME – GREEN TINTED – YANKTON PLATE
    Modded Barracks – CHROME BLUE
    Modded Garbage Truck – Original Colour.
    Modded ROOFLESS CASCO – Yankton Plate – Green Tint – Patriot Smoke
    Modded Casco – Custom Glitched Colour – Yankton Plate – Green Tint –
    Patriot Smoke
    Modded Kuruma – Modded Race Car Seats – Rare Crew Paint – Patriot Smoke –
    Yankton Plate
    Modded Daemon – Custom Texture Pack – Yankton Plate – Triple Coloured
    Modded JB 700 – Triple Coloured – Yankton Plate – Patriot Smoke
    Modded Lost Slamvan – Patriot Smoke – Yankton Plate – Green Tint
    Modded Lectro – Green Tint – Yankton Plate
    Modded Adder – Missing Spoiler Section – Yankton Plate
    Modded Chrome Green Adder – Yankton Plate – Green Window Tint
    Modded Classic Coquette – Rare Crew Paint
    Modded Entity – Rare Crew Paint –
    Modded Roosevelt – No Luggage Or Tires – Rare Crew Paint – SA Exempt Plate
    Zentorno – Yankton Plate – Modded Colour – Green Window Tint
    Hakuchou – Yankton Plate – Modded Colour -Green Window Tint
    Chrome Blue Turismo – Yankton Plate – Green Tinted Windows
    Sovereign Purple and Blue – Yankton – Green Tinted Windows
    Insurgent – Modded Colour
    Hardtop Stallion – Yankton Plate – Green Tinted Windows – Rare Colour
    Massacro – Vice City Pink Colour
    Chrome Green Entity – Green Tint – Yankton Plate
    Z-Type – Very Rare Colour
    Roosevelt – Upgraded
    Adder – Upgraded
    Entity – Upgraded
    Turismo R – Upgraded
    Stinger Topless – Upgraded
    Stinger GT – Upgraded
    Infernus – Upgraded
    Dubsta 6×6 – Upgraded

  2. Does any have Roosvelt
    I have
    -Modded casco
    -Modded slam van
    -duke of death
    -karuma armored


    Aprils fools 😀 I love this channel so much thanks for this glitch man 

  4. Xbox 360 Gamertag: vD Impxct

    I’m looking to trade/duplicate rare or Modded vehicles. I have the
    following so add me on Xbox live:

    Rare – Lost Slamvan
    Rare – Roosevelt
    Rare – Romero Hearse
    Rare – Tornado
    Rare – Vapid Peyote
    Rare – Trevor’s Trucker (w/ Bear)


    Modded – Zentorno
    Modded – Coquette Classic Topless
    Modded – Trash Truck (Trashmaster)
    Modded – Casco (Topless)


    I have…
    Modded Jester (With yankton plate)
    Modded Trashmaster
    Car with Michael in
    Go go Space Monkey
    Slam Van 2

    Looking for:
    Modded Barracks or other cars i do not own! Comment your GT!!

  6. Xbox one (I recommended not to drop gamertag in comments to just kik me
    cause there’s some bitches out there who will report you )

    Add me on kik Gera2002 (have a mic) if not just add me on kik

    52 people have texted me on kik and I responded all of them and gave like
    35 people 2 cars each I am trying my best to help everyone be PATIENT… 🙂

    Insurgent (fully upgraded)
    Zentorno (fully upgraded)
    Coquette classic
    Coquette classic topless
    Dukes (Of Death)
    Vacca (Fully upgraded)
    Marasaco (Racecar fully upgraded)
    Amoured kurma
    Z type (Fully upgraded)
    Casco (Fully upgraded)
    And MORE……

    looking for a panto that sells more than 200,00
    If you don’t got the cars I’m looking for I am will to give one or two of
    my cars with nothing in return 🙂 ….

    If you kik my username is



  7. I have
    American sovereign
    Blista go go monkey compact
    Duke of death

    Looking for
    Lost slam van or any modded car

  8. Need modded adder with spoiler
    I’m willing to trade
    Duke o death
    Modded panto
    Space monkey car
    And roofless casco

    Leave psn below If interested – ps4 only 

  9. *XBOX ONE*
    *Looking for ONLY Modded BMX, Modded Mesa, Modded Deludamol Van*
    *I have* Modded Sovereign, Modded Roosevelt, Modded Coquette, Modded
    Hotknife, Modded BeeJay, Modded Panto, Rare Gold/Yellow BMX, Modded Dune
    Buggy, Modded Jester (Racecar), Modded Casco, Modded Gold pearlescent
    Lifeguard Blazer, Dubsta 6×6, Lost MC Slamvan, Modded Barracks, Modded
    Garbage Truck Red or Yellow, Duke O’ Death and All storeable heist vehicles
    and all my supercars have north yankton plate and green tint windows.


    These are all the modded vehicles I have…

    Hardtop Modded Mesa
    BeeJay w/Michael in back
    Chrome Slamvan
    Stock Matte Black Slamvan
    Purple Barracks
    Chrome Trashmaster
    Go Go Space Monkey Blista
    Topless Casco
    Modded Duke O’Death
    Hardtop Stallion
    Gold Speedo Heist Van
    Chrome Burrito (Original Unmodifiable one)
    Modded Phoenix
    Modded Pink and Blue Soveirgn
    Double Back Coquette Classic
    Modded Sandking
    Modded LCC Innovation
    Modded Lectro
    Voodoo (Extremely Rare To Find)
    Modded Enduro
    Modded Sanchez
    Modded Kuruma
    Modded Akuma
    Chrome Mariachi Car

    I also have many cars with cool/glitched paint jobs

    Leave your Gamertag below if you have a modded vehicle that is not listed
    above and want to trade for one of those vehicles, comment the modded
    vehicle(s) you have that I don’t along with your Gamertag and if you have
    something I’m interested in then I will message you through Xbox Live.

    Good Luck!


  11. PS4
    Trading ONLY.

    Cars i have:

    Ya — Yankton plate.

    Casco( with no roof, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Sovereign(black, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Mesa( with no rolls, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    LG Blazer( full upgrade, chrome color)
    Lost Slamvan(Matte black, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Coquette Classic cabrio(with no back, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Duke O’Death(Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Go go Monkey Blista(Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    NOS Lectro(Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Roosevelt 2 version(Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Massacro racecar(Chrome, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Jester racecar(Chrome, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Entity XF(Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Adder(Ya plate, patriot smoke, Chrome+Lime)
    Zentorno(Ya plate, patriot smoke, Chrome+Blue)
    Kuruma armor(Ya plate, patriot smoke,Chrome+Yellow)
    Beejay(with Michael, Ya plate, patriot smoke)
    Hearse(with no body, Ya plate, patriot smoke)

    Me need ONLY Adder with no spoiler and wing.

    My PSN: ReGon14. 

  12. Ps4
    PSN: Chohan82

    I Got:
    Modded Slamvan
    Modded Trashmaster
    Modded Go Go Space Monkey Blista
    Modded Duke o Death
    Modded Sandking
    Modded Coquette Classic
    Modded Casco
    Modded Mesa
    Modded Roosevelt
    Modded Lifeguard Blazer

    I want: Mule, Barracks, Boxville, Heist cars (other then kuruma), Modded
    Sovereign, Any modded cars i don’t got.

  13. I have really rare cars the go go monkey and a lot more
    I’m on Xbox one