GTA 5 Online – Get Rare Collectors Weapons Free & Previous DLC Weapons EASY (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Online – Get Rare Collectors Weapons Free & Previous DLC Weapons EASY (GTA 5 Online)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – Get Rare Collectors Weapons Free & Previous DLC Weapons EASY (GTA 5 Online)

  1. Do you get to keep the weapons? As in are they saved to your character and
    are available each time you log in.

  2. Does anyone know if you get to keep these weapons for good? Meaning keep
    them forever, anytime you go into an online session the weapons will be in
    your weapon wheel.

  3. I really hope this gets patched because I got the CE and the reason I got
    it is for the one reason I can actually have something not a lot of people
    do so this pisses me off. TwoDynamic fuck you why did you have to post

  4. I think once you find new session they disapear just like the tazer gun.
    Carlos has a tazer one too btw. To bad u couldnt permantly keep them. An
    another thing its a pain in the ass tryin to get someone else to join the
    mission to even start it. Besides the bullshit thanks for showing an
    sharing this with us tho.

  5. this is really pissing me off I go the collector’s edition of the game and
    special edition for my best friend and jhe paid me back but this is so
    messed up that people do thesee kind of game breaking gliches I mean like
    evryone that bought it just paid 80 and 150 for it
    so please dont do this glitch

  6. I just wish they put the Sweeper in again, cuz I only need that gun… I
    have the special edition and I don’t have anything against this glitch as
    long as people don’t keep it forever. This way everyone can try em out. 🙂
    Tho I don’t think the shotgun you get is that good, it’s slow and not much
    damage, but the hammer is fun for fooling around (I used to give hammers to
    people when it wasn’t patched, some still keep it 😀 ), and the Eagle is
    the handgun with the most damage. I should try killing ppl with it lol…
    Ummm off the subject, I only need the Sweeper for my collection. I already
    have all the other guns and attachments. :/ Cause I heard it’s a great gun.

    Just to point out that it’s a really bad idea of killing ppl with that
    shotgun lol, it’s really awfull IMO. XD

  7. Mission not found o.o Anyone got any idea how to get the guns (even the
    musket, Mine got taken away somehow.. And i put money inton that gun -.-) 

  8. why does rockstar remove stuff???? just keep it in the game or add stuff
    into the game again with a packaged dlc named suprise stash dlc. let us go
    on a scavenger hunt to find all the old dlc stuff in north yankton. have
    us go on snowsled races to find shark cards, some packages come with
    bonuses or discounts or maybe even people can obtain free shark card
    packages with old dlc items if they find the right different color coded
    packages. packages just need to spawned more randomly for players that have
    invested more into the game.