GTA 5 Online – Glitch Please [PS4]

GTA 5 Online – Glitch Please [PS4]

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – Glitch Please [PS4]

  1. You guys doing heists is going to be amazing! (since you haven’t played
    Payday 2 yet).

  2. Personally, i think this GTA series is up there with HatFilms best and
    brightest. Along with Skylands, An Epic Hatventure and FTB. Just my opinion

  3. Trott you salty sea dog you were using sticky bombs and were like
    “uuuuuhhghhhghh why won’t my proximity mine detonate waaaaa!!” so don’t
    gimmie no o’ that salty shit (drinks brine)

  4. Trott, you had proximity mines but used sticky mines. You Dirty DIRTY TWAT

  5. What song is Goof what you say goof that you only made….. (I don’t know
    what the word is instead of goof)

  6. None Contact races suck as there is no slipstreaming either, Once someone
    gets out front it’s near impossible to catch them.

  7. Too much GTA! Not enough Trials!

    But Hat Films is good no matter what’s being played. :D

  8. that title… I blew a little snot out my nose onto the screen scrolling my
    subs. freakin rofl

  9. The ending for the glitch tour part was like the ending for Talladega
    Nights XD