GTA 5 Online – HACKERS Stealing Millions $10,000,000+ And Weapons ! (GTA 5 Gameplay Mods)

GTA 5 Online – HACKERS Stealing Millions ,000,000+ And Weapons ! (GTA 5 Gameplay Mods)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – HACKERS Stealing Millions $10,000,000+ And Weapons ! (GTA 5 Gameplay Mods)

  1. +iCrazyTeddy Hey teddy,some minutes ago i tweeted something that might
    interest you.. its a hacked lobby on ps3.. 

  2. its crazy how one of the biggest selling games can be ruined by a couple of
    ignorant fuckers who have nothing to do but ruin other peoples fun

  3. Hey Teddy! You were such an inspiration to me when I decided to make my own
    channel! 🙂 Since your not huge it gave me the idea that I could get where
    your at! It’s been doing great so far… the support is amazing!

  4. Hey teddy i like your vids and started my channel to go in the direction in
    yours hopefully i could get to the great heights you are at 

  5. i ran into someone in gta online who killed me so we started a mini-war
    kinda (the usual stuff you do) … the guy let me shoot him for 10 seconds
    with a combat mg just walking around , then he killed me and 5k cbmg ammo
    was gone…

  6. First they were giving money, now they are taking it. These modders really
    should just make their own game to screw up not be lazy and mess up another
    group’s game. So unoriginal. 

  7. Hello. I’m going to be a GTA 5 Modder but I promise you It wont be me
    stealing your money and guns or giving money away. I just want mods to make
    my self happy to spawn what ever I want and maybe create a menu that can
    help protect players. But I do find that modders have taken over GTA 5 and
    I’m sorry that this is happening to whoever 

  8. There was this hacker he did not die in his car and me and this other guy
    were trying to kill him a whole bunch of time s

  9. one guy put these blue walls and and gas tanks around los saantos custums
    and i couldind go in and now i only have 3 dollors in gta 5 online he also
    blew up mycars

  10. i remember when i got hacked and this hacker took all my guns then dropped
    cash down for me in 100k bundles and i payed for my guns bk

  11. I got hacked by a hacker on my other account all my weapens where gone and
    al my money i got 100000756493 money buth iTS gone and al my levels 🙁 SO I

  12. Just playing today, thought a hacker took all my guns and ammo. I
    immediately left the session and joined an invite only to see if my weapons
    were really gone, worried if my cars would disappear. Luckly it must have
    been a glitch and the re-appeared. Pretty crazy since we’re at patch 1.19

  13. I also got weapon robbed. DONT RELOAD SESION it will save i just exit as
    soon as it happened and it remained fine. Dont do anything that saves it.
    True story

  14. Ya um today I was playing and a hacker gave me money is that bad because he
    gave us all 5077389

  15. My gta5 guns are all gone by a hacker i reported him and he took my guns
    then i raged out but he dhould get banned godddddaaaammmittt

  16. One day rockstar going to shut down gta online servers for good because of
    all of these hackers,modders,and cheaters