GTA 5 Online – Heavy Load (Custom Mission) [PS4]

GTA 5 Online – Heavy Load (Custom Mission) [PS4]

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – Heavy Load (Custom Mission) [PS4]

  1. I want to know what happens if one player is driving a truck and another
    player picks them up in the cargobob – does it still let them fedex it to
    their sleepbox? Has that been tested?

  2. Hey can you allow people who aren’t members of the Yogscast to join you Gta
    Crew. It would be awesome if me and other fans could play with you.

  3. 11.30 you should have picked smith up and trown him in the freakin’ ocean
    trott. should have made him sleep with the fishes… BUT U DIDNT M9!!

  4. Just to say i’m new to this channel and i like that intro alot:) Great
    start, also great video man:) Hopefully you’ll be at 1million subs soon:)
    Also i know i’m new and i’m sure other people have asked but do you reckon
    i could maybe be in one of your future vids as i play on Ps4 also!! My psn
    – little_joe1 if you add me or other people do that’ll be sick:)