GTA 5 Online Heist Cars & Vehicle Classifications! (GTA 5 Heists)

GTA 5 Online Heist Cars & Vehicle Classifications! (GTA 5 Heists)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Heist Cars & Vehicle Classifications! (GTA 5 Heists)

  1. Heist Vehicles and different Cars that might be coming out in a few weeks!
    Are you still excited?

  2. Im not even that excited anymore for heists if heists come out then yay I
    wont be as hyped up for heists as I was gonna be like a couple months back.
    These “leaked” vehicles could possibly not come out you never know 

  3. Whats a good amount estimate of money for this update or how much u think
    we will need would be a great video idea garret

  4. Enduro bikes are usually a mix between a road bike and a trail/dirt bike.
    They are made to be ridden on most terrains, they do their job well, but
    are not optimal for one specific type of riding. For example, a Dirt Bike
    will be better than an Enduro on the dirt because Dirt Bikes are typically
    lighter and more manoeuvrable than Enduros, and Road Bikes are better on
    the roads than Enduros because they have their weight more evenly
    distributed, have better handling, and have more power. It’s a jack of all
    trades, but an expert at none type of bike. 

  5. Can you put time in your videos not just like five minutes maybe like ten
    min and not 3 videos a day

  6. Dude u keep showing leaked list and info about heist its been a year its
    not coming so stop posting vids about it its not coming fuck you !!!

  7. Aw ya were ganna get heist this time and this time you just repeat the same
    stuff over and over gta is dead! Get over it it’s nothing new rock star is
    just taking our money and losing fans. Heist are not coming if they where
    we would’ve had them by now around when the trailer was out. Ahh ya such a
    news flash. NOT!

  8. I don’t give a single fuck about Heists or the vehicles. Just more sports
    cars and rice burner motorcycles (dem Insurgent cars tho). What I do care
    about are the clothes we’ll be getting. Looking at the trailer, there is a
    STRIPE-LESS LEATHER JACKET and a BIKER VEST. No more faggot ass stripes on
    our leather!

  9. Jobless you need too stop making these types of videos you could get
    flagged or worse KICKED FROM FAZE!!!