GTA 5 Online – Heist Delayed Again ? Heist Release Date (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online – Heist Delayed Again ? Heist Release Date (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  2. I Have no friends will you play heists with me? GT xbox one DemonCandySkull
    if ur not jimmy leave ur gamer tag below :)

  3. heist is going to be one of the biggest let downs in gaming history, they
    just use the heist an heist buzz to keep making people play the game, an
    spend money on the game, but i guarantee heist will not even be as half as
    good as everyone’s expecting. It’s taken them almost 2 years to make a game
    mode but some companies can bring out a decent game with average amount of
    features etc in a year or just under 2 years, an there is only so much you
    can do on a heist.
    just my opinion.

  4. im lvl 251 on gta and i know damn well that if they dont release it on
    march 10th 2015 by the time they do release it im probably not even going
    to be on gta anymore…

  5. When you’re on the loading screen for online it says it’s coming on March
    10th so we are defiantly getting it then 

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  7. Rockstar should sell their car companies ( in the game) to some peaple then
    those peaple can make new cars so rockstar dosnt have to keep worrying
    about adding cars 

  8. why do you add misleading titles , i think they wont be delayed this time ,
    they already released the news on Last gen consoles ,everytime i join gta
    online ,when its loading it shows me the Hiests realease 10 March and shows
    me a pic of a robber ,well this time i think they will be released this
    time i alteady saved 5,503,341 dollars in gta 5 online just for the hiests
    ,my goal is to reach 10 milion dollars

  9. didn’t they just say it going to real aske hiest on the 10 th are you
    stupid why did you even post this video