GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Contact Jeff (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Contact Jeff (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. Well, think about it like this. When you beat the game, you buy a bunch of
    properties and stuff. Let’s say Jeff and Dom got rich from a massive heist.
    He would’ve done what we did and buy a bunch of properties. One notable
    property would be the Airport, where he has a plane ready to lift us into
    the air for the ATV’s. No one said that you had to be a heist ringleader.
    If you get rich from a heist, it’s natural to retire from that and take
    life easier. Except for Dom, who still wants a rush. And Jeff is there to
    aid him :D

  2. Listening to “Jeff’s” voice he has words from Australia cause I have a
    friend who is from Australia and he speaks almost like Jeff bit the ppl
    from UK and Australia they both speak with the same accent.well Dom thanks
    for the news and for always given us stuff to talk about

  3. lmfao i dont care about who jeff is i just want heist and my dam gas mask
    and ill be set xD 

  4. I wish if it said he was busy his thing would be “MY NAME IS JEFF AND IM

  5. Bruh do realize how many people are other nationality and don’t even sound
    like it. 2 I call bullshit on online taking place 6 months before the
    actual story mode. Because if you listen to the radio like me you
    occasionally hear the radio talk about story mode events, like five times I
    heard them talk about when your Franklin and you kill the one dude in the
    construction and when you killed the people at the end, and more major

  6. This my guess , Heists will probably come out February , why? Well think
    about it Gta 5 was introduced in July 2013 and came out in September 2013,
    Gta Online was introduced in August and came out in October , Heists was
    introduced in December , should come out in February 2015 , that will
    probably be our “valentines update” Heists is our present from Rockstar on
    Valentine’s Day , but this is my guess so….