GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Leaked Contact Jeff Details (GTA V Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Leaked Contact Jeff Details (GTA V Gameplay)

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  1. Honestly, I bought Destiny and after a day or so of playing it I got bored
    and I wouldn’t like to watch a livestream of Destiny but other people do
    like Destiny and would like to see it ; )

  2. Gta online can’t be two months before story mode…

    The FIB building is burnt out on online, and that happens during story

  3. I just wanted to point out that people’s accents change. So it could be the
    same guy because you don’t know how long he’s been in America, he could’ve
    been in America for years and lost his Australian accent (I don’t know if
    he has it in the missions he’s featured in, I haven’t played them for ages)
    however, I don’t think its the same person because they are too dissimilar
    in appearance…

    As for a Destiny live stream, I wouldn’t tune in because I was never into
    Destiny, I didn’t join the hype before the release and after seeing
    gameplay, it was really boring in my opinion, but hey, lots of people enjoy
    it, so it’s up to you whether you stream it or not!

  4. Also if you played the story mode you would remember Jeff (he’s hard to
    forget) and realize SP Jeff and Trailer Jeff are two different people. Jeff
    from SP is a hyperactive adrenaline rush junkie and the guy in the trailer
    sounds nothing like him. 

  5. Shit guys… Yesterday I was playing GTA online on my PS3, when suddenly a
    blue tank spawned inside my helicopter. I blew up and suddenly I killed
    everyone and destroyed everyone’s car, which made me a bad sport. After
    that Mr Blue Tank guys gave me 2 million GTA dollars.I was kicked by other
    players, so after that I immediately bought a buzzard. I don’t want to be
    the scapegoat of these actions. I am lvl 96 and I need to be lvl 100 for
    that gold trophy. I don’t know if R* will set my lvl back or what. What
    should I do?