GTA 5 Online Heist DLC & LEAKED GTA 5 Update Audio Files & Cops Feature! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC & LEAKED GTA 5 Update Audio Files & Cops Feature! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  2. The distract cops is probably for during a heist mission to buy you more
    time before the cops storm the bank or something

  3. Its pretty obvious distract cops is for heist when your about to run from
    them or about to do the heist

  4. i think i saw you in Birmingham because i recognised your voice and someone
    was saying your name, you was in bullring by GAME

  5. Distract Cops could be like a bounty and clear wanted level hybrid. You
    could put cops on a player of your choice, and it allows you to lose cops,
    such as if you have three stars you could give four stars to someone.
    That’s a little too far to speculate but giving cops to other people would
    be fun

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  7. Wasnt distract the cops already in. you could call lester then for two
    minutes the cops wouldnt notice you you could blow up vehicles kill people
    whatever and you wouldnt get a wanted level.

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  9. Dude you got stop leaking dlc we ant getting dlc because YouTube’ers like
    your self are posting information without any permission buy rockstar I
    might be rong but that must piss off rockstar posting there work without it
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  10. I think distract cops mean that you won’t get a wanted level for anything
    you do for a certain amount of time

  11. I’m getting so mad because Teddy keeps on playing dlc video hyping me up
    just to get knocked down by no actual dlc. I think I’ll be better off with
    no teddy videos at all. 

  12. I was looking around in the GTA 5 Build Notes starting from its
    development. I’ve learned quite alot from it.

    1. GTA 5 started development in 2009, 1 year after GTA 4 was released. Do
    you think R* is doing the same for GTA 6? Maybe GTA 6 is in development
    after all.

    2. There were alot of bugs on each build and there were about 200 builds
    from 2009 to 2013. It also seems R* started working on the PC version in
    2011, as i seen some build notes for PC.

    3. There were ALOT of things cut from the game. I mean ALOOOTTT!
    Skateboarding (Which explains the useless skateboard ramps), Rollerskating,
    Vehicles, Interiors, Houses, Effects, Weapons, Missions, Animations etc. It
    kind of makes me wonder what GTA 5 would have been if they wouldn’t have
    cut all of those things. There’s alot more i haven’t gotten into yet, but
    even though this info may seem useless, it’s very interesting to know.