GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Release Date!? COMING BEFORE PC! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Release Date!? COMING BEFORE PC! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Release Date!? COMING BEFORE PC! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. Rockstar need to stop lying to the fans and announce the Heist’s release
    date already. I don’t trust R*

  2. Fuck rockstar Fuck gta. . The game gets worse with every dlc release . .
    Glitches / bugs etc . . My level is back to level 1 today after reaching
    400 a few days back. . . Rockstar couldn’t run a hot bath properly Fucking
    bunch of retarded Fucks

  3. I understand that they (R*) is trying to perfect heists, but i gave up on
    them after they said they would release heists spring of last year. I’m not
    mad some people below are ridiculously pissed off, but that’s because i
    gave up. I havn’t played GTA V for a long time, sometimes to go on just to
    see DLC content, but i dont play anymore it’s all boring i’ve been playing
    since day one they need to add heists soon or i know a lot of people will
    stop playing. I’ll probably play again if they release heists. But i don’t
    like them changing dates…

  4. After all this mayhem is over, after pc release, they should explain why
    they kept pushing back the release dates so long, maybe a 5 hour long
    devdoc recounting everything after the game launch. 

  5. How do you make saturation or what ever it is like that? I know from many
    clips that i watched it doesnt look like that. 

  6. UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH FUUUUUUCKK LOL!!! Rockstar lied to us soo many times about
    Heists.. They said Heists will be the first update.. by far how i see it.
    That was the biggest lie they done told. Now they changed that saying we’ll
    get Heists weeks before PC drops. I really doubt that.. We have no
    confirmed release date for Heists anyway.. So how we know for sure it’ll be
    weeks before PC drops? maybe they’ll lie again, and delay another few
    months, then say “Online Heists will be available in the next coming

  7. The only reason they can do absolute bullshit like this is because they
    don’t have competition right now rock stars like the king of sandbox gaming
    and so they will keep doing what they want to us until there’s competition

  8. Patch 1.0: meh heists will be out soon
    Patch 1.1: okay, right fair enough more time for perfection
    Patch 1.2: maybe soon
    Patch 1.3: wtf guys
    Patch 1.4 okay okay okay I’ll give them more time
    Patch 1.5-1.12: what the fuck i want my heists
    Patch 1.16-1.22 Fuck this, seriously a year and a month wtf

  9. Fuck rockstar!! They can’t release anything without being delayed!! Gta V
    for the old consoles was delayed, hesit was delayed so many times I can’t
    even count them, and now gta V for PC twice! This is bullshit fucking
    rockstar can’t even pick a releast date with out delaying it. 

  10. What if after all this wait for Heist , rockstar makes up pay for it ? LOL
    wouldnt that be a bitch

  11. GTA 6 coming with heists for real this time *1 year later*…Gta 6 heists
    delayed until Jesus comes back from the dead

  12. They haven’t delayed them they haven’t officially announced it until not
    that long ago

  13. people complaining over heists taking a while, are the same people who are
    going to be complaining when heists come out and it wasn’t “what they
    expected” or its “broken” 

  14. After buying the collectors edition for ps3 then also the ps4 version I’m
    truly disenchanted. I have a feeling that when they do come they are going
    to suck, they need to put work in on the missions no new content has come
    for a while. The other game modes suck. I love the game but I feel like an
    asshole for buying a game I already extra money for and still the shaft
    thanks Rockstar.