GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Release Soon ? (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Release Soon ? (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. Sorry Jimmy but I think this points out you don’t know 4Chan very well.
    Saying that “4Chan claims” is a stupid quote as it is, the correct context
    would be “A user/some users on 4chan claim.” 4Chan isn’t a collective its
    filled with hundreds of thousands of separate users every day. Plus saying
    that the website is known for child porn is a ridiculous claim as posting
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    Also I use 4Chan a hell of a lot at the moment and I’ve not seen any
    threads with people claiming to have gained access to PSN. 

  2. I’m a subscriber but it’s irritating always talking about heist. We get it
    people want them, but he doesn’t work for rockstar so he has no idea when
    they are, and the more people “find out” when they’re coming, RockStar is
    probably pushing it back, cause it must suck to consistently have people
    hack you and find out your stuff, they will release it when they do, there
    you go, your next 10 videos in one comment.

  3. +LispyJimmy I have 2 theories on the heists release date:

    1. Next Tuesday (24th), because we did not receive a DLC in February and
    the 24th is the last Tuesday of the month. If they were to release it on
    this date, it would be one of their “surprise” DLCs (where they don’t give
    us a release date, and just randomly release it)

    2. Any date in March before the 24th – This is when they’d probably give us
    a release date before hand. Most likely on a Tuesday, but Rockstar has
    released DLCs in the past on different days, just mainly Tuesday.

  4. Hey I think that there not doing shit becouse my unkle works there and all
    thay do is play mist of the time thay keep delaying it becouse thay were
    going to release it gor PS4 and Xbox but thay did not becouse thay wanted
    to make it a surprise and that thay keep delaying it I have a thery that
    nillxmodz is a hacker back in 2009 there was an accident with xbox hiw
    microsoft got sued for no reason so nillxmodz said “If thay never made that
    update this whoud never happen” qhat the fuck becouse there was no danm
    update BTH TBH best youtuber I mean it I kbow I talk alot of shit well im
    pissed becouse last update more than 50 + days wow rockstar I work
    hard but the game is going to turn old if you just sit and do nothing sorry
    jimmy im juat pissed at rock star BTW love your vid lispyjimmy 🙂 Rockstar
    add a knew update :(

  5. You need to make your videos more Interesting, I watch most of them Dail
    but doing the same old races is boaring, why not bomb around lost Santos in
    the fastest cars? Or have a 5 star cop fight? Something people will enjoy

  6. All he keeps saying is DLC coming soon, has he run out off ideas and
    content to upload. He needs to sit down and think about it, he’s been
    saying DLC soon for months 

  7. Jimjamz, no offence but all your vids are same old heist dlc heist dlc etc
    etc. Make a email or something thats nit private. Ive sent you stuff kn
    twitter but you havent replied. It has been 4 days :-:. Trust me, you’ll
    like it. 

  8. I do not even care anymore. I have played gta enough to nearly unlock
    everything for both characters. I do not play it near as much as much as I
    used to. After 15, 20 minutes I get tired of playing. I would have bought a
    few shark cards by now but I held off til heists were going to be out to
    buy. Now I have everything just by grinding missions.