GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Update – GTA Community Upset (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Update – GTA Community Upset (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Update – GTA Community Upset (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. And how do you know they might be able to turn it on tomorrow? I don’t
    think anyone realises how hard it was to create heists and you all take
    Rockstar for granted.

  2. you do all your vids for views not as a hobby or for fun you make false
    titles and lie in your videos 

  3. I think the community should just stop playing GTA entirely as a form of
    protest and let rockstar know we’re tired of their bullshit and their

  4. I think y’all should leave rockstar alone because they’re trying to work on
    heist to make it as great as possible quit being so selfish and ungrateful

  5. STFU! Don’t be so salty dude. Better too get good Heist and no Valentine,
    than bad Heist and new Valentine DLC.. + support forums are for “support”.
    I don’t think you need support for “We wan’t Heist:'(“… We are getting
    Heist aren’t we…. At the end of the day Rockstar does what they wan’t too
    do. Look at them… they are still more successful than most companies.
    Just saying. I love you man, but it’s annoying too see all those rant

  6. You now how much work goes into a dlc the computer can’t do everything with
    the making of a hist dlc it puts more time on the people that’s a lot to
    ask for a new dlc , think of it this way you give up you weekend until you
    retire that’s what it is like for rock star every day so what’s all stop
    saying bad things to them for not having a dlc today and give them a break
    it’s a holiday today I’m shore they want a holiday to!

  7. Does rockstar just think we are stupid or what? they treat the community
    like dogs and they think that they can just play us like a fucking piano
    like how retarded are they? They need to pull their head out of their ass
    and and start treating us like valued customers. half of us bought their
    fucking game twice for God sake and even buy shark cards I don’t know what
    they consider to be a “valued customer” but as of now I certainly do not
    feel very “valued”.

  8. Get a f***ing grip! Everything is gta online is free and if they released
    it as a game it would be the best game ever, atm that honour falls to gta
    v. Who cares about a valentines day update, go and be with loved ones, are
    your lives so small and petty you can get angry because you didnt get a
    silly little update, how do you think people view that, as pathetic! I love
    gta more than anyone but get a grip. The biggest update ever is out soon
    and you have the cheek to wine. Poor rockstar working hard and having to
    see this s**t. Im ashamed to be part of the gtao community

  9. It’s complete bullshit and if rockstar makes and excuses they are fucking
    fake because they have been “working” on heist for over a year for god sake
    , then they don’t even celebrate a holiday with a DLC ? Fucks sake 

  10. After i saw the so called interview with a “developer.” I feel that
    Rockstar Games is a lying sack of shit. I am loosing respect for them very
    quickly. Why so secretive over everything. It is very simple to say
    “hey,DLC coming on Tuesday.” It’s just extremely frustrating. 

  11. i know how sad it is not to get dlc but for real guys just earlier today me
    and my friends were having a lot of fun on gta 5 online remember gta 4
    guys?????? that had nothing just a swing set and some cars in gta 5 we have
    like 1 million features and you guys are still not having fun now again i
    am upset there is no dlc but u can still have fun k?

  12. *The thing is though is that if Rockstar did release a valentines day DLC
    people would get pissed off at them for not working on heists. But now they
    haven’t people are pissed off at them! They just can’t win!*

  13. Maybe they dont tell us anything about fx. The Valentines Update not
    coming, and the exact heist release date, because then you would’ve not
    have a youtube career anymore, because evrything you do is leaked dlc
    videos, and because you leak r* is getting there dlc leakedthey are of
    course pissed at you, BUT they are not some lispyfucktards who is selfish.
    They give us the dlc even though we are ungreatful and leak it.

  14. GTA i s getting stale and without dlc the game gets boring I mean they
    could add more offline missions or stuff like that or at the least add a
    new car or gun just to make killing more fun or something like that. I
    missed out on the valentines day dlc but I like the suit the car and the
    gun so I feel cheated. Rockstar constantly has now player on GTA online so
    have something like the Mega dlc bundle with all the dlcs in one download
    and it would keep players happy till guests release date because PC release
    is a month away and a month is like seven gamer years…

  15. Lets just face facts Rockstar will never released heist and will just keep
    making excuses to push it back and when or if heist come out I bet you all
    the Vg and consoles I have that it will be a huge let down people should
    just get their60 dollars back

  16. I betcha Rockstar got their money and still is getting it, so they just
    dont give a damn about the community right now.

    OR they are working hard on the PC release?