GTA 5 Online Heist DLC YACHT! – How To Get The Yacht Online! (GTA 5 Modded Missions)

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC YACHT! – How To Get The Yacht Online! (GTA 5 Modded Missions)

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  1. ATTENTION: The Rockstar Socialclub is glitchy, if you click the links in
    the description but are taken to the incorrect page, simply ensure the
    correct console is selected, close the tab and then re-click the link the
    description. This should fix things! Apart from that, enjoy the video!

  2. That’s right! This is a boat. So I felt it appropriate to use the all time
    classic song “I’m on a boat by Lonely Island featuring T-Pain”. Hope you
    guys like the intro :)

  3. Umm I hate to be that guy but this isn’t going to be in heists. This is
    from the story mission where Michael swims off the pier to go get his
    daughter off the yacht. Still a cool mod anyway. 

  4. Nice to know that Rockstar are sitting on there arse’s doing jack shit! In
    the Rockstar Game Max Payne 3 there is a mission when your on a yoat and
    nearly the hole layout is the same to this yoat in GTA online they have
    just copied and pasted necessarily … i think Rockstar have the heist
    ready to publish but there holding them back until people stop buying shark
    cards because when they publish the heists people wont be buying anything
    from rockstar as you get 1.5 million from each heist completed and the
    update is for free so they are losing alot of money when they drop/ publish
    Get this round share with all your friends and PLEASE make a video about

  5. Can u do the same heist over and over again? I know there is a cool down
    but are they just a one time thing?

  6. If anyone wants a nemisis or western bagged add The69Focker on ps4 with the
    message of the bike u want. I would like a hearse in return

  7. Please do last gen videos if you find anything or do something else then
    GTA cause when GTA dies your channel goes to, other wise live your vids goo

  8. It be nice if u can use yacht as a apartment and have jet skis and
    helicopter of your choice on board 

  9. Rockstar said that heists was coming with pc was coming out on the 27th of
    January but then pc was delayed and heists wasn’t so it is ment to come out

  10. Your a fucking ass hole you dont even worry about current gen all you.worry next gen

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    Then after inviting your friend back into your closed friend session, then
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  12. I would like the boat as my own personal home and then have a garage at
    vespucci beach and a pegauses helicopter spawn as it has a helipad