GTA 5 Online Heist LOCATIONS – Prison Break Heist Confirmed! Casino & FBI Heist?!? (GTA 5 Heists)

GTA 5 Online Heist LOCATIONS – Prison Break Heist Confirmed! Casino & FBI Heist?!? (GTA 5 Heists)

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  1. 2015 that’s a relief could be Christmas of next year can’t wait. It’s been
    almost 2 years since this shit been delayed. 

  2. Great. No damn Christmas DLC. All those “leaks” were fucking BS, just like
    most of the news these GTA news reporters report on.

  3. Each map is for an individual heist mission, multiple steps of preperations
    for a single heist

  4. If you go to 20 secs on the actual video there is a guy who is going
    through a heist plan who isn’t Lester. 

  5. I really hope we get the Christmas DLC though 🙁 I really want it to snow
    and I missed it last year but does this now mean that we won’t get it? I
    really wish Rockstar didn’t say that heists will be the first DLC because
    if we have to wait months whats the point? there will be nothing to keep us
    busy until then. If they weren’t ready to release them by the end of 2014
    they should have just filled in these next couple months with smaller DLC’s
    such as the Christmas or valentines ones. This just really blows :(

  6. I think that there are pre-heist mission I think that’s the sticky notes so
    like each heist equipment is in a certain area 

  7. I think you get to choose a heist and the first screenshot of the blue map
    on the wall was the bank heist and those circles with the sticky notes is
    where you will have to go to get supplies for the heist and in the 2nd
    screenshot with the blue map is the prison break heist that why the sticky
    notes were in different places or do you know how in this one mission I
    don’t remember what it was called but you had to go to the hood kill some
    gang members then get in a van and get some coordinates and then go to the
    place and hack a computer to get more coordinates and then go to the air
    port and kill and these people in a hanger then pick something up then when
    you pick it up you have to shoot a plane down before it leaves well maybe
    its kinda like that. sticky note 1 you go to a place get some coordinates.
    Sticky note 2 go get something you needed. Sticky note 3 give to someone in
    you heist. Sticky note 4 go to the place you need to go get what you wanted
    . Sticky note 5 run away for cops with what you wanted then hide. That’s
    you I think sorry if this was hard to follow

  8. Story mode is completely different from online , think about it , no like
    completely think about it ! Story mode heist affect itself , how would it
    affect online ? Unlike any other jobs people are going to want to grind the
    job just to rob the bank .. I dont see a reason for robbing the bank when
    you can grind missions , 

  9. And at 2:25 in the trailer the leader says they need a prison bus and
    inmate transfer schedule. Ding Ding Ding!!! Has to be prison heist

  10. If u go on merkmusics channel, look up gta v: heists. He got to do a heist
    test a while ago that shows a bit of the ornate bank heist. I cant remember
    what the payout was bur i think it was around $1250000