GTA 5 Online Heist North Yankton & Bahama Mamas DLC Heist Missions Online (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online Heist North Yankton & Bahama Mamas DLC Heist Missions Online (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Heist North Yankton & Bahama Mamas DLC Heist Missions Online (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. I kinda feel bad for the ppl who haven’t got to current gen but really I’m
    not playing gta5 again until Heists drops! Or some worth while DLC. 

  2. I wish they would make North Yankton an accessible area on the free roam
    map, like a little island. It could have little shops and stuff. It would
    be great.

  3. Wtf why does rockstar hate last gen they give everythingg to next gen wtf
    fuck u rockstar games !!!!!

  4. That does not make sense if they do not support last gen because before
    current gen even came out rock star promised us last gen ps3 and Xbox 360
    that heist would come out rock star are freakin liars if I’m wrong correct

  5. Can players seriously don´t see why some stuff only come to current gen?
    The old gen can’t handle it, how is that hard to understand? And stop
    whining so much, you will get heist, but not the best quality, becouse you
    are on a old console, deal with it.

  6. Is anyone having trouble getting on GTA Online every time I try it says the
    Rockstar game servers are unavailable right now

  7. I feel like flying planes and helicopters are so pointless because you can
    get from point A to point B on the map so fast. Same as boats pointless…
    Make an island or making North Yankton accessible..

  8. I dont understand where you managed to pull the idea of a North Yankton
    heist mission from. An avalanche could happen in San Andreas, and if I
    remember correctly, there are no major hills in North Yankton.

  9. It’s not sinking in my head. Sure, we all know North Yankton has the whole
    snow theme going on, but there being coding for an avalanche doesn’t tell
    me there’ll be Heists in North Yankton. 

  10. Gta v sucks now on consoles, and all you kids having a laugh at people on
    last gen, can go fuck yourselves because half of you probably did shit all
    to deserve an xbox one or PS4, your parents bought you one, so stop talking
    shit about people on last gen

  11. R* even said Heists will be on both last and current gen. The only reason
    next gen gets additional content is because it can handle more things
    unlike last gen. So quit the complaining

  12. this game is boring as fuck on next gen and last gen it’s the same old
    shit, same old missions, same everything, this game was supposed to be
    equal for all players no matter what system you have RS just fucked all the
    last gen users again

  13. Fuck Rockstar Wanna Lag On Game For A Year Then Only Give Next Gen Things
    Fuck Them And GTA V

  14. So much people getting mad that it’s not coming on last gen. I still play
    on last gen but I understand that it’s not possible to implement the new
    dlcs bc of the storage on ps3/xbox 360

  15. So… i am a bit ticked off… they postponed hiest until niw for a year..
    and they wont even make it for last gen?!? WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?

  16. All I heard was current gen wtf is that Rockstar needs to get there heads
    straight. Without last gen current gen wouldnt have EVER EXISTED THINK

  17. What the actual fuck? I was sitting here, and not once in the code, did
    they mention North Yankton. But Dom assumes that that’s what it means, when
    North Yankton has no hills. I thought Dom would actually bring good info
    after getting his channel back, but nope. All stipulation and guessing

  18. The only thing that bothers me is that rockstargames dont give last gen
    players first person gta san andreas has first person mods for fucks sakes
    they could make a last gen version off it but lol we are rockstar (s) we
    say nope

  19. Gta was a great game, and when it came out for next gen, things for
    dissected. And the whole * it’s not gonna support the last gen because it’s
    too big of a dlc (the natural disasters happening for next fen). But..
    wasn’t this game at first 8gb to play?