GTA 5 Online – Heist Release Date, Police Uniforms, DLC Updates & Mods (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online – Heist Release Date, Police Uniforms, DLC Updates & Mods (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. Crazy how heists have been “rumored” to come out since almost a year ago.
    I’ve given up waiting

  2. I will like to see a update that you can have a girl friend and have a baby
    and U can take ur baby to school 

  3. +LispyJimmy Do you think Rockstar will release a North Yankton heist, when
    the heist update *EVENTUALLY* comes out? #AskLispy

  4. There will be a good reason not too release Heist before the PC version
    comes out.
    First of all the Shark cards who they sell at this moment on the consoles.
    In game money is worth something at this moment.
    Second of all; when the PC version comes out there will be a lot modded
    money and Cheating. In that time in game money will be worthless, because
    everybody will be having plenty of it without buying any Shark card.
    Typical marketing by Rockstar. They just don’t give a **** about fans who
    are waiting for about 1.5 Years for the Heist DLC on the consoles.

    I call Rockstar a big misleader of the game industrie. Next time i’ll hope
    the review game rating won’t be that high by IGN, Gamespot etc. Give people
    where they also paid for, or don’t make any promises at all.

    Anyway they also cut them self in the fingers. Hardline will be coming out
    this month, than it will be a big back by a lot of gamers. 

  5. Instead of putting Q&A in the title, u start the title with heist dlc
    release. Smfh. Click on the video thinking your about to give legit info
    but no u give this non sense “speculation” ass videos.

  6. Heists are coming in March. Rockstar only release one dlc per month. As we
    don’t get a dlc in April, we have more time with heists

  7. Am i the only one who listens to rockstar? They have set a official heist
    release date for like 2 weeks ago… Lol evrybody is so stupid… For pc
    the heist release date is 24. March like pc version it self, and for all
    consoles the following weeks after 24. March.

    Seriously, why am i the only one that known that ? R* has confirmed it like
    as official and visual for evrybody as possible

  8. They should allow us to store and insure emergency vehicles! Like police
    cars swat cars or ambulance!

  9. I doubt heists will come out in early February. Rockstar will likely
    release the Valentines Massacre DLC first in order to milk out the
    remaining players who desire to own the Roosevelt, DLC exclusive clothes
    and weapons. After a few weeks, they will release the long awaited Heists
    DLC. My guess is that they will release the Heists DLC in early March,

  10. I thought the Heist Release Date was confirmed… But no this piece of shit
    just wants views. Instead of fucking changing the title to Q&A. Bastard