GTA 5 Online HEIST SETUP DETAILS – How To Plan & Start Heists, Requirements & MORE! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online HEIST SETUP DETAILS – How To Plan & Start Heists, Requirements & MORE! (GTA V)

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  1. Does anyone know if I can make another character but transferred from a
    different social club account as I have my ps4 and ps3 character and my ps3
    on is rank 80 something! Appreciated !

  2. Im Looking for a heist crew on the ps3. My gamertag is Trickshotking99.
    Also we can talk on my channel!

  3. *Rockstar* Sorry we have to delay another year :/ found 1 glitch but can’t
    be bothered because we only care about next gen! Sorry!

  4. I really enjoy your videos because they are very informative. I dont mind
    that you are “milking” this heist update for new video content. The part
    that really bugs me is that you tend to spend between 20 and 45 seconds
    re-reading the title to us. In the future, just say what you want, don’t
    read us what you already told us in the title. Also, I hate it when
    youtubers beg for likes. Cmon man. Make videos because you truly enjoy
    making them, not because you need to beg for likes and subs!

  5. I should just start disliking every video because i know hell just be
    milking it the whole fucking time

  6. If anyone on ps4 wants to play heists add HunterLew
    I was rank 103 but my character failed to transfer over so I’m stuck
    On rank 26 for now,but I do have a high end apartment,mic,and I’m not
    Just send me a message saying “Youtube”.
    Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 

  7. Need some people to join my heists crew and my actual GTA crew PSN:
    GTA Crew: richganghustle

  8. Hey Guys
    Is someone interrestet to play heist with me?
    Im on XboxOne and i need a serious member and 2 serious guys.
    Im 15 but i hope i dont sound like a lil kid.And even when i do, im takeing
    it serious. I dont fuck around with the mic.
    Add me my Gamertag is: Riropower. After that send me a message #SGUNheist

  9. If anyone only has 1 friend to play with or if you’re all alone, add me on
    psn: Yabbi9078 (ps3). It’s just me and my other friend and we would like to
    have more gta friends for heists. It would be nice if you had a skype and
    ranged from the ages of 13-19, we don’t want squeakers or pedophiles. Add
    me on skype I_Am_Yabbi9078. Please reply asap, we are cool people and you
    gotta have a sense of humor… ;)

  10. Anyone want to team up to do heist on PS3?
    Im 15, sadly dont have a mic, but I can talk on skype if that helps?
    I’m mature so hit me up! PSN- GeneralPazhwak

  11. If anyone on PS3 wants to do a heist with me, my PSN is YouHacks, I’m LVL
    52 but I’m a pretty good shooter, I have a mic, and I’m a serious player.