GTA 5 Online Heist Update & Christmas DLC Leaked Release Date In GTA 5! (GTA V PS4 & Xbox One)

GTA 5 Online Heist Update & Christmas DLC Leaked Release Date In GTA 5! (GTA V PS4 & Xbox One)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online Heist Update & Christmas DLC Leaked Release Date In GTA 5! (GTA V PS4 & Xbox One)

  1. I’ve been seeing uploads and thumbnails titled “LEAKED POTENTIAL DLC
    INFORMATION ! HEIST ! HEIST ! HEIST !” but guess what its over a year later
    and I’m still playing this game and still watching these videos. When will
    any of us learn ? 

  2. Granted, these rumor videos are becoming repetitive but so are the “I’m
    sick of all these youtubers speculating” comments. If you’re really sick of
    it, don’t watch. The subject matter of the video is explained in the title

  3. It’s a RUMOUR. You said it yourself, so stop putting shit in your titles.
    Are you that bloody desperate?

  4. In these new DLCS we should be expecting to receive heist related vehicles
    such as a van that can hold four people, that can be customised and have
    the ability to store it in our garages. 

  5. I don’t think December 23, 2014 is going to be the release date of heists
    we all know Rockstar and we know Rockstar puts out of advertising when
    they’re about to release something big and I think it’s safe to say Heists
    are going to be the biggest DLC for Gta for a while. I think if they
    intended to put up Heists on the 23rd they would have announced something
    on their newswire but their isn’t even a word spoken about heists therefore
    I think a Christmas update is coming on the 23rd but Heists are going to
    come sometime in January or after the PC version releases 

  6. So now that u have covered heist release date for this game for like the
    25th time if heist isnt released u shud completely give up on this game.
    Seriously, you all cant believe anything rockstar is saying can you? They
    have lied about everything from the start. So I say of we don’t get heist
    this time we boycott R*. Or at least tell boss to stop talking about it

  7. Actually there’s a Rockstar file called bluedox that says 27th of January
    So Half the stuff might come out this year the rest next year.

  8. He is right they released an update today which is December 23rd I just
    don’t know if it is heists.

  9. This would be good if Lizard Squad would leave Xbox alone and go attack PSN
    or PC or just stop doing it. Couldn’t get on Xbox Live yesterday because of
    the hacking.

  10. Everyone needs to stop constantly leaking heist info. R* is probably
    delaying it over and over and ovrr because of neilxmods leaking info and it
    does not help that you and other focking youtubers keep saying “Oh, heists
    will be next week” or “Oh they are coming with halloween” or even “Oh there
    coming out christmas, be exited and aldo leave a like on my video since im
    giving you false information about heists, or at least R* will make it
    false since im saying it. Also subscribe because my fanbase is too small, I
    want to be by pewdiepie and be the most subscribed channel on youtube so i
    can make videos solely to check negetive comments” just focking stop. For
    R*’s sake. For the community’s sake.

  11. That will then mean it will give the pc players a month to get used to the
    pc version of gta 5 and then rockstar will release heists. Haven’t got a
    proper day for it yet though

  12. +MrBossFTW hey every one, i think i might have found an easter egg
    regarding the release date of heists. Okay so what i did was go into the
    creator and start creating a deathmatch. You dont have to put and props in
    or anything (unless you want to). the only thing you need to do is place
    down the new tripmine in any location you want. Start the ‘test’ option or
    if you have published it get a freind to join. Then go to the trip mine and
    zoom in with your sniper rifle. As you see it spin round you will see that
    on one side is says 01/8. This date is the 8th of january. The perfect
    early 2015 date R* said they would release heists. I can send pics if u
    want. I think im on to something big….