GTA 5 Online – Heist Vehicles In Freeroam Mode Online Discussion (GTA V Heist)

GTA 5 Online – Heist Vehicles In Freeroam Mode Online Discussion (GTA V Heist)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Online – Heist Vehicles In Freeroam Mode Online Discussion (GTA V Heist)

  1. If any thing the hydra should be in the military base heavily guarded so we
    can try to get it

  2. if they are available in free roam then there will be a lot of youtubers
    making gta 5 action movie’s…

  3. Now, comparing the female character and the way she is leaning backwards to
    the hight of the Trucks in the backround (Which you can find south of the
    airport by the docks) And adding the hight of the current rebel. This Rebel
    with a Backmounted Machinegun will not be able to fit in the los santos
    customs. Now. Comparing the hight of the los santos customs to most garage
    doors. It wont fit. This is a 100% Confirmed a Pegasus Vehicle. IF, it’s
    ever gets added to FreeRoam. Thank you for reading and yes, these are true

  4. I fucking hate rock*. They always have to delay stuff because they’re too
    damn lazy. Why is PC version taking so long? Shouldn’t they have started it
    close to when they started it for Xbox 360 I and ps3? And they somehow
    finish PS4 and xbox one version first. They are just a bunch of lying
    asshole. If heists dont come out in the next 3 weeks, I’m gonna be so
    fucking mad. 

  5. The Kuruma of Death (the armored sedan) is probably customizable because
    the Duke of Death is customizable. Also, the Hydra is probably a Pegasus
    vehicle, and the Rebel might have a collapsible gun to allow it to fit in
    places. The APC is Definitely a Pegasus vehicle.

  6. The gun turret rebel should be a personal vehicle, and in fact those kind
    gun turret truck will not be over powered, they are hard to drive and the
    guy using the gun on the back have no cover at all

  7. 00:52 “They have to put it in online because it is the most amazing thing
    ever” really? That’s your argument?

  8. i think these vehicles should be very very expensive bcuz players will
    troll other players alot
    and it will b too OP 

  9. Uhhhh the dubsta 6×6 holds 6 people the Roosevelt holds 8 so why would it
    matter how many people they hold the bison holds 6 the long FIB SUV holds 8

  10. Ok, I left videogames on 11/1/15, if on Heist the Roosevelt isn’t
    re-avaliable, I won’t play anymore. I got a life and waste it with GTA?
    Screw the games!

  11. +NoahJ456 iI there a leaked release date for heists
    and what is ur most fav part of the heist Dlc.

  12. I hope we can have the armored vehicles online. I always get fuckin owned
    by people in tanks and buzzards. 

  13. If that military carrier is only there for the heists, then I’m going to be
    pissed. I think that R* should start expanding more with new locations like
    they said they would. 

  14. I cant believe that nobody is talking about how steam pre-orders are
    available. Because they are, I just got mine. You get San Andreas free if
    you do it before Feb 1.

  15. about the armored truck at 3:27, I think it will be a Pegasus vehicle, but
    they will probably make the bullets like the minigun or the the heavy mg.

  16. Did anyone else notice the red laser beam when the first armoured car pic
    came up? Maybe the new hunter heli will have a railgun like weapon. Or when
    the aircraft carrier came up, did anyone else notice the submarines
    floating next the the carrier? They aren’t yellow like the one’s currently
    in the game

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